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Q: What happened in chapter 14 in Beka Lamb?
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In chapter 14 in the novel Beka Lamb who visited beka's house?

I this chapter what image comes to beka when she has a problem

How old was beka?

In the novel "Beka Lamb" by Zee Edgell, the main character (Beka) is 14 years old. "Beka Lamb" was published in 1982 and deals with themes of racial prejudice and social insecurity.

What is chapter 1 summary in the book Beka Lamb?

introduce to beka lamb a 14 year old from belize.bake has win an easy contest and her fimaly is proud of her .she attend st cleara's acdamy and her and her grandmother granny ivy talk about policits .toycie her best friend life had came to an end .

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some of them died

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Chapter 13, pg. 240, 14 lines down

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