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The Compromise of 1877 gave the White House to Rutherford B.Hayes over popular vote winner Samuel J. Tilden in exchange for the end of Reconstruction in the South.

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Comprimise of 1877?

compromise of 1877 ...

How did the Compromise of 1877 lead to the end of the reconstruction?

How did the Compromise of 1877 lead to the end of the reconstruction?

Where can one find information regarding the Compromise of 1877?

There is a lot of information online regarding the Compromise of 1877. Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to the Compromise of 1877 and it is reliable.

What compromise ended reconstruction?

Compromise of 1877

What happened to the number of African American in Southern state government after the Compromise of 1877?

Most likely declined

Who was President during the of Compromise of 1877?

The President during the Compromise of 1877 was former General Ulysses Grant.

What did the compromise of 1877 do?

The compromise of 1877 settled the previous year's presidental election dispute by giving electorial votes to Hayes.

Who was president as a result of the Compromise of 1877?

Rutherford Birchard Hayes was president of the United States of America as the result of this compromise in 1877.

How did they respond to Compromise of 1877?


The compromise of 1877 was a good idea?


What is the exact date of the compromise of 1877?

I have been researching this topic for some time now. The Compromise of 1877 was negotiated on February 26, 1877 at the Wormley Hotel in Washington D.C.

How did the general amnesty act lead to the compromise of 1877?

because if the general amnesty act never wet into effect the compromise of 1877 would have never needed to happen. Therefore the general amnesty act brought the need of the compromise of 1877

What ended reconstruction in the south?

The Compromise of 1877

When was the compromise that ended reconstruction?

the year was 1877

What did the compromise of 1877 end?

It ended Reconstruction.

Compromise of 1877 contribute to segregation?


The Compromise of 1877 signaled an end to?


When was reconstruction?

1865 to 1877 or right after the civil war ended until the compromise of 1877.

Why was the Compromise of 1877 a failure?

The so-called Compromise of 1877 failed in several ways. Part of the arrangement was that Northern troops would be withdrawn from the South. That never happened, they never left the South and were confined to their quarters. That new investments by the North in the Southern economy also was never realized.

What reforms survived the compromise of 1877?

Most of the reconstruction was a failure, but a few elements did survive. The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments all survived the compromise of 1877.

What did Republicans gain from the compromise of 1877?

The Republicans gained the presidency from the Compromise of 1877. The Democrats agreed to accept the Republican presidential elector, Rutherford B. Hayes.

What removed federal troops from the South?

It was the Compromise of 1877.

Who left the south with the Compromise of 1877?

Federal troops

Who became president as a result of the compromise in 1877?


Why did reconstruction end in 1877?

It end because of the compromise