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What happened in the Industrial Revolution?

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"people started using machines to make goods"

Not to mention that people started using up non-renewable resources by the ton.

and also polluting the planet at an unprecedented rate.

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What happened after the Industrial Revolution?

Following the industrial revolution, the next big technological leap is described as the computer revolution or the post-industrial revolution.

Did the industrial revolution create civilizations?

This is false. The Industrial Revolution happened in America and nowhere else.

What happened with the rise of middle class during the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution is responsible for the rise of the middle class

Are you still in the era of industrial revolution?

No, the industrial revoloution happened in the 1800's

When was Industrial Revolution happened?

1600's - 1920s

What if industrial revolution didn't happened?

you'd be dead

What happened to Britain's population after the industrial revolution?

it changed

What happened in 1800 to 1914 in England?

The Industrial Revolution

Why did Jefferson seem to fear the growth of cities in the Industrial Revolution?

He didn't because he was dead by the time the industrial revolution happened.

What happened to the population during the Industrial Revolution and why?

Ff Strike

How was the Industrial Revolution different before and after 1850?

Before the Industrial Revolution that happened in 1805 revolutionized the world, it was more difficult to travel. After the revolution, it was possible to take a train.

What was the cause of the Industrial Revolution?

It happened because Chuck Norris asked it to.

When did the Industrial Revolution begin in the United states?

It happened in the 1800's

Why do historians say that the Industrial Revolution happened in Britain because of .?


How did the industrial revolution help create the middle class?

It just happened.

What made the Industrial Revolution successful?

The industrial revolution happened because it provided a means for producing goods quickly at a low price requiring little skill.

What effect did the internal combustion engine have on the Industrial Revolution?

Nothing at all the industrial revolution happened 40 years before the advent of the internal combustion engine and it happened a good hundred years before in england.

How did the Agricultural Revolution affect the Industrial Revolution?

The agricultural revolution was what took us of of the hunter gatherer path and started society. If it had not happened, there wouldn't be any scientists, because everyone would spend all their time hunting and gathering. Without scientists, there would be no advancement in technology, and so no industry. Conclusively, if the agricultural revolution had not happened, then the industrial revolution would not have happened.

What event happened during the industrial revolution?

i think it was WORLD WAR 2

What were some of the things people did to improve life in the US in the early 1900s?

The industrial revolution happened. However the US didn't start the industrial revolution, it began in Europe.

How many parts was the industrial revolution divided into?

The Industrial Revolution was divided into two distinct parts: the First Industrial Revolution, and the Second Industrial Revolution.

What happened during the industrial revolution in Pennsylvania?

My tiny little nipples went to France.

What happened to the countries who took part in the industrial Revolution compared to those who didn't?

They got

What event happened around the same time as the end of the early Indus Valley civilization?

the event which happened was the industrial revolution.

What is a sentence for this word Industrial Revolution?

your in the industrial revolution