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What happened in the final episode of Hogan's Heroes?

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The show has no formal ending. It was cancled. The last episode was not different than any of the others.

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What happened in the final episode of the wonder years?

visit wikipedia for the answer.

What happened in the final episode of how i met your mother?

the guy married someon e and watch the episode

What happened when you collected all treasure in Pikmin 2?

secret final boss in dungeon of heroes

Who are the surviving cast members from Hogans Heroes?

Robert Clary and Kenneth Washington. Richard Dawson died recently, Clary played LeBeau and Kenneth Washington replaced Ivan Dixon (Sgt Kinchloe) in the show's final year.

What is the final book called in the heroes of Olympus?

Blood Of Olympus is the name of the 5th and rumored final book to the series of "The Heroes Of Olympus"

Is it true in the final episode of hogan heroes sgt shultz was revealed as a double spy helping the prisoners?

i have heard in the final episode schultz turned out to be the allied spy helping the heroes- as they escaped through the tunnel, colonel klink joined them and surrendered to them to escape the nazis

What is the final episode in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The final episode of Yugioh is episode 224, Final Duel (4) .

When is the date of the final episode of survivor heroes vs villains?

The finale aired yesterday (May 16th, 2010) at 8 o' clock P.M.

What Naruto episode is the final battle?

Episode 138 is the Naruto episode where it shows the final battle. The final battle is between Naruto and Sasuke.

What happened in the final episode of instant star?

you know what? i was wondering the same thing omg and why doesnt it come on anymore?

What has happened to Medium I cant find it?

"Medium" has been cancelled by CBS and will air its final episode in mid-January.

Was there a final episode of Hogan's Heroes?

Of course there was otherwise it would be the longest running sit-com in the world. The series finale aired March 28th 1971

What happened on the final episode of you love Lucy?

Ricky is depressed because he has not been getting any TV offers lately, so Lucy, Fred, and Ethel try to cheer him up. It was an hour length episode in the final season.

What is the final episode of Invader Zim?

"The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever" is actually final episode that was aired. The FINAL episode is actually "Invader Dib", but since the show was cancelled before the last episodes were made, the final episode could'nt be aired. A short answer, "Invader Dib" is the final episode.

What was the Final Jeopardy category on February 10 2010?

American heroesThe Final Category for February 10 2010 was American Heroes

What episode is inuyasha lost episode?

The final episode of Inuyasha is Inuyasha: Kanketsu-Hen episode 26 (Inuyasha: The Final Act), but Inuyasha ends at episode 167

Did Detective Conan died in the final episode?

there hasn't been a final episode yet.

Was there a final episode of Tom and Jerry?

yes, they both commited suicide on the final episode.

What is the last episode before the final act in the InuYasha TV series?

Episode 167 is the episode before the final act :).

What happened to Hoss in the last Bonanza episode?

Actor Dan Blocker died just prior to the onset of filming the last season so of course he wasn't there for the final episode.

What date was the final episode of Seinfeld?

The final episode of Seinfeld aired on May 14, 1998.

What will the new series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians called?

The new Percy Jackson series is called the Heroes of Olympus. This series carries on what happened after The Last Olympian, the final Percy Jackson book, only with new heroes. The first book of the Heroes of Olympus is the Lost Hero.

What is the final song of the final episode of the shield?

The final song of the final episode of THE SHIELD series is called "LONG TIME AGO" (performed by CONCRETE BLONDE).

What is the last episode of jeopardy?

Jeopardy The Final Episode.