What happened in the market place in things fall apart?

Several things occurred in the various market places in the story

  • Unoka played his flute with his band
  • A town meeting occurs
  • The wife of Ogbuefi Udo was killed by a man of Mbaino.
  • Ekwefi shares a common shed with Chielo.
  • Naming Ceremonies for children
  • A man has a goat stolen from him
  • White men slaughter the village of Abame
  • Missionaries came to the market place and spend 4-5 nights tehre.
  • The missionaries preach in the market
  • Christian converts are outlawed form the market and are not allowed in.
  • Masked egwugwu assembled in the market after Enoch kills one of them.
  • Men of Umuofia collect 250 bags of cowries as a fine to release 6 of their men.
  • A huge meeting of the 9 villages begins.
  • Okonkwo kills a messenger.