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Q: What happened on the Bold and the beautiful to Katie Logan pregnany by Bridget's husband?
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Who is Beyonce's husband?

Jay-z is her husband and they have a beautiful baby Blue Ivy

What does it mean when you dream of your husband cheating on you and in love with a beautiful girl?

The dream only means that you are insecure and worried that you might not be beautiful enough for your husband. This dream expresses your own fears. It does not reveal anything at all about your husband's thoughts or intentions.

What happened to Queen Elizabeths husband?

If you mean Queen Elizabeth the first, she did not have a husband.

Who is Kristi Gordon's husband?

Kristi Gordon's husband is a man by the name of Paul Klawer. They also have a beautiful son together named Jordan.

Why my husband don't consider me beautiful?

Maybe he thinks your beautiful on the inside. He doesn't have to tell you your beautiful everyday even though you might be. Mabye he thinks your not beautiful. But he likes your personality. Maybe he jokes with you. I don't know you but you probaly are beautiful. :)

Why would woman get excretion of white color liquid from nipple while sucking by husband before pregnany?

The breasts contain milk glands. It is not uncommon for a woman to secret small amounts of milk outside of pregnancy. In other words, what is happening is perfectly normal.

Why does daisy hope her child will be a beautiful fool?

Daisy wants her child to be a beautiful little fool because she doesn't want her daughter to get married and know her husband was cheating on her if he were to like Daisy knows Tom is cheating on her. she wants her daughter to be beautiful so her husband would still want her even if he were to cheat.

What happened to Wilma Rudolph's husband?

he died

What happened to Shyla Stylez and her husband?


What happened to the nurse's husband and daughter in romeo and Juliet?

They are dead.

What does rosemary ask her husband at the end of the story?

he asked her if he thinks she's beautiful.

Can Marijuana make a male impotent?

It happened to my husband..

What happened to Mrs Lincoln after the death of her husband?

she was sad

What happened to kat von d's husband?


What happened to judy crowell's first husband Jeff?

jeff hewson

What happened to Lyssa Chapman's husband In the upcoming show it says that she is a single parent of 2 children?

she had one the day after her fifteenth birthday, and one with her husband, Bo. this show is new, but it happened in March of 2011. She went balistic on her husband cuz he abused her so she filed for divorce.

Is Beyonce had a baby?

Yes, Beyonce had a baby. With her husband Jay-Z. It is a beautiful baby girl.

What happened to Betsy Ross's first husband?

He died in a explosion

What happened to Lady Jane Grey's husband?

He was beheaded along with her.

What happened to an English womans property when she married?

It came under the control of her husband.

What Happened To Jillian Michaels Husband?

She's never been married.

What happened to Queen Victoria in 1861?

Her husband, Prince Albert died

What happened on the 1 of April 1999?

I securred future with my second husband.

What happened to harriet tubmans husband?

ran away with another women

Whatever happened to Leif Garrett's sister Dawn Lyn?

She lives in Hawaii with her husband.