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Odysseus and his men sack the city of Ismarus, kill many of the men and take their wives and booty, which include wine, money, and sheep. Odysseus spares Maron, a priest of apollo, who gives him much concentrated wine, 7 talents of gold, and a bowl of silver.

Odysseus tells his men to return to the ship, but they do not obey, instead reveling in their spoils. Meanwhile, some of the Cicones had escaped and warned their brothers who brought many troops with chariots to fight off the Greeks. They end up killing about 70 men, (6 from each ship), before Odysseus and his men retreat.

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Q: What happened on the land of the Cicones?
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Why does Odysseus stop at the land of cicones?

Odysseus stops at Ismarus, land of the Cicones, to sack the city and take the Cicones' wives and booty.

What is the land of the Cicones?


How long did Cicones keep Odysseus on her island?

Calypso kept Odysseus on the island of Ogygia not the Cicones. Odysseus and his men stayed on Ismarus, land of the Cicones for several days, allowing the Cicones to call for back up, eventually driving the Greeks off the land.

Who was the parents of the god cicones?

The Cicones were not gods, and their parents were Cicones.

What did Odysseus do in the land of the cicones?

He sacked the city of Troy and slew it's people

What did Odysseus and his men plunder?

Troy. Later, they plundered Ismarus, in the land of the Cicones.

What city did Odysseus and his men plunder?

Troy. Later, they plundered Ismarus, in the land of the Cicones.

Who were the Cicones?

In the Odyssey, Odysseus and his men went to the land of The Cicones, robbed it, and took women captive. One of his men raped one of the women in the Temple of Athena.The Cicones were the first people Odysseus came across after leaving Troy. Initially Odysseus and his crew plundered women and booty from the Cicones, but afterwards the Cicones fought back and forced Odysseus and his crew to flee, after they had lost 6 men from each ship.

Why did Odysseus go to the Cicones?

Odysseus went to Ismarus, land of the Cicones, because it was on his way home, and his men were still in great spirits after the victory at Troy. There they took the wives and much booty.

What was the cause of Odysseus' failures in the land of Cicones?

Odysseus' men foolishly and selfishly continued to plunder the lands of the Cicones, refusing to come back to the ships when Odysseus requested. As a result, the Cicones were able to call for backup and trounced the Greek soldiers, killing about 70 of their men.

Was Cicones the leader on the ship?

The Cicones did not explicitly have any ships. No.

What are the cicones allies of?

The Cicones were said to be allies of the Kingdom of Troy.

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