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The obelisks called Cleopatra's needles were given as gifts to the United States and Great Britain. One stands in London on the banks of the Thames and another is in Central Park in New York City.

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Q: What happened to Cleopatra's needle?
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What is Cleopatras needle made of?

Red granite.

Which Egyptian Obelisk stands on the Thames embankment?

Cleopatras needle

How has Cleopatras Needle and the Obelisk of Ramesses changed over time?

They died

What happened to Cleopatras mother?

She died

Is Cleopatras' Needle a obelisk?

Yes, it is an obelisk, but it has nothig to do with Cleopatra. "Cleopatra's Needle" is just an exotic name for an ancient Egyptian artifact.

How tall is cleopatras needle in Central Park and how much does it weigh?

weigh-224 tons length-96 ft 2inches

What did Cleopatra have built?

She didn't have anything built as far as most archaeologist and egyptologist know. But the Cleopatras needle was built in honor of her after her death.

What happened to cleopatras body?

Nobody has found her tomb yet but they know that she was buried to her lover

What happened to Cleopatras father?

Cleopatra's father died a natural death in 51 B.C.

Who built Cleopatras needle?

The obelisks called "Cleopatra's needles" have nothing at all to do with Cleopatra. They were build in about 1450 BC by the pharaoh Tutmose III.

Who builted the Cleopatra's needle?

Cleopatras needle was made in ancient Egypt somewhere areound 1000 BC but it is not known by who. Cleopatra lives about 1000 years after it was made, so while it has been given her name she was not the one who had it made.

When was The Cleopatras created?

The Cleopatras was created in 1983.

What happend to cleopatras kids?

no one knows what happened yet because it hasn't been discovered yet

What were cleopatras hobbys?

Cleopatras hobbys were leaning languages

Where was Cleopatras needle built?

Cleopatra's needles were quarried and built at Aswan. That's where the red granite is obtained. They then could be floated down the Nile to any city the pharaoh ordered.

What is a Cleopatra's needle?

Cleopatras needle is the common name for 3 obelisks which stand in London near the River Thames, in New York City and Paris France. These obelisks were not commisioned by Cleopatra. They were originally built by Thutmosis the 3rd and located in Heliopolis, Egypt. Cleopatra moved one of the obelisks to Caseaream in honour of Mark Antony and this is why the are called 'Cleopatra's' needle.

Which of Cleopatras needles are paired with londons?

The London "Cleopatra's Needle" is a pair with the one in New York. They are both from the same site. The one in Paris is a pair with the one that remains in Egypt and is from a different site.

What happened to Cleopatras son?

Cleopatra's oldest son was killed and her two younger sons were brought to Rome and raised by Octavia, Octavian's sister.

What happened to the Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park?

It suffers from acid rain.

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What was Cleopatras favorite food?

Cleopatra loved figs.

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What was cleopatras legacy?

what was cleopatra's legacy

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