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What happened to Hitler as a child in Vienna?


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Nothing, Hitler did not move to Vienna until 1907, when he was 18.

In 1907 Hitler applied to the Vienna Academy of Art, and sat the entrance exam, along with 112 other candidates. He was subsequently invited to take part in the second round of the selection procedure, along with 79 other candidates but failed to qualify for a place.

Initially, Hitler was able to live quite well in Vienna off an orphan's pension and from the sale of paintings and post cards (his income was more that that of a primary school teacher). He returned briefly to his home town of Linz following news that his mother was dying of Breast cancer and following her death on 21 December 1907, he distanced himself ever more from his relatives.

In 1908 Hitler reapplied for a place at the Vienna Academy of Art but this time failed to make it through the first round of the selection process.

During this time Hitler came into contact with the writings of Guido von List, a racial ideologist and antisemite, and his pupil Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, as well as the antisemitic polemics of Austrian politicians Georg von Schönerer )leader of the Alldeutsche Bewegung (pan-German Movement) and the Mayor of Vienna, Karl Lueger. Hitler's concept of a superior Aryan, so-called master race probably began to form at this time. But according to his friend, August Kubizek, Hitler was more interested in Opera, especially Richard Wagner, at the time than politics

Whilst Hitler called his five years in Vienna "five years of hardship and misery" in his book "Mein Kampf", this version of events has been debunked by contemporary witnesses.

In their biograhies of Hitler, Alan Bullock and Ian Kershaw cite evidence that contradicts his version of his years in Vienna. 'Mein Kampf' is not a trustworthy source. It's a work of Propaganda and essentially one long rant by a man with a grudge.

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He wanted to be a artist but got rejected at a university of arts in vienna

Hitler lived in Vienna from 1905. He was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 1907 and 1908.

Hitler did go to Vienna for joining the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He had hoped to become an artist but was rejected as unqualified by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in October 1907.

It was probably Alfred Schuelers who 'rediscovered' a former symbol of Germany, the 'German Cross' or Swastika. This happened in 1913 when Hitler relocated from Vienna to Munich.

he was 5 when he moved to Vienna. :) xx

No, Hitler was born in Vienna and was a German citizen.

because everything bad that happened that was bad when he was a child happened because of a Jewish person

Hitler failed to get into the Vienna Accademy of Art.

Battle of Vienna happened on 1683-09-12.

No, Hitler was rejected twice to go to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Hitler moved to Germany in May 16th 1913. He moved their by Train from Vienna.

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Adolf Hitler moved to Germany in May 1913, He moved from Vienna to Munich.

Hitler moved to Vienna to persue a carrer in painting. After being turned away once by a Jewish senior member of the establishment he wanted to learn at, he stayed in Vienna for a there years to improve his portraite skills befor attepting again to enter the establishment. However he was consiquently turned away by the Jewish yet again, therefore he moved out of Vienna.

He was rejected from 2 schools. Both where situated in Vienna.

Most of the stories about young Hitler living in poverty and hardship in Vienna are ultimately based on what he wrote about his early years in "Mein Kampf". It's not surprising that biographers such as Alan Bullock and Ian Kershaw show that what Hitler wrote about his time in Vienna is almost completely untrue. He managed to get various female members of his family to give him a regular allowance and he didn't suffer hardship. He led a disorganized, chaotic, lazy life. After his first rejection from Art Academy, he did nothing to prepare for his next attempt and paid no attention to advice.

No, Hitler never had any children.

France have gave up claim to the land in Europe after the congress of Vienna.

Hitler wanted to be an artist as a young man and twice applied to the Vienna Accademy of Art (1907, 1908)

He moved to Vienna when he was young and made a living by selling pieces or art. In Vienna there was a tradition of anti-semitism. Hitler saw Jewish people living lives of luxury while he lived a life of poverty.

No, Hitler never had any children.

Not good enough to be accepted when he applied for the Academy of Art in Vienna in 1907.

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