What happened to Hitler when he invaded the Soviet Union?

When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, his plans did not work. Instead, of an all out attack to capture Leningrad, he decided on siege tactics. The Russians could withstand that. They were used to privations. Then Hitler's army kept going and not concentrating on one objective but on many. The German supply lines got longer and longer and it became harder to supply the troops. Germany had better tanks but far fewer of them than Russia and Germany's were far harder to fix. Russia's could be fixed with the spare parts, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers. Germany had long distance bombers. Russia's planes flew short distances but faster than Germany's. Thus, when German planes got close to their targets, Russian planes would shoot them down. The Germans were not prepared for the extremely cold Russian winters. That was when the Russians counter attacked. The frozen German guns would not work. The German solders were frozen. They retreated. They left a lot of guns behind. By 1945 when the Russians counterattacked, they did not have the gasoline to run their tanks and left them behind in the winter counter attack. They walked back to Germany.