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What happened to Jeff Hewson of QVC fame?

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It has been said that QVC host Jeff Hewson, left the show because he was being harassed by his ex wife. His ex wife is Judy Crowell who is also a QVC host.

Jeff Hewson gained his reputation as a host on QVC. He left QVC and got married. Jeff is currently on ShopNBC as a host.

His last name is Hewson and he was doing country and western singing but that was a while back.

Jeffrey Hewson from QVC's Fame experienced a fairly major bleeding stroke and has been in physical rehab and assisted living since then. He is being well taken care of and has friends in the stroke community. He resides in Mesa, Arizona.

Jeff Hawson was a former host on the QVC Network. He had a stroke in 2010 and has been doing rehab and been in assisted living ever since.

Kathy Levine, Bob Bowersox, Jeff Hewson, Patti Reilly, Lisa Mason

He is currently residing in a nursing home/rehabilitation center in Arizona. It is believed that he suffered a stroke and did not fully recover physically.

he is dead he died of a heart a tak and he got fired and the wwe boogeyman killed him and never got arrested and came back 2010 and now named slither,night cawler,boogeyman

Lisa Robertson of QVC fame is not gay.

The QVC model named Beulah is still modeling for QVC. However, she also appears in many commercials and catalog ads.

QVC did not renew his contract at the end of 2008.

Judy Crowell married her coworker from QVC, Paul Deasy. After she left QVC, she went on to work for HSN for a few years. As of August 2014, she now works on Shop NBC.

His contract was not renewed and he is on Shop NBC now.

Liberty Media took over and it went down hill.

She works for mrs. Prindable's apples now

Paul Kelley now works for ShopNBC

QVC did not renew his contract at the end of 2008.

Paul Deasy is now on ShopNBC selling gemstones.

Jeanne died a couple years ago from cancer.

It isn't known what happened to the model, Carol, from QVC. Many of the models change frequently and their futures are hardly ever revealed by the hosts on the shows.

On December 21, 2008, Bob Bowersox resigned from QVC. A formal statement was released, in which Bob Bowersox stated he was resigning to pursue writing and acting.

yes she is back but i don't know what happened to her and how long she was gone.

I must be the world's biggest QVC geek because I remember watching it when our cable company only ran it for half a day, unlike now when it runs ALL day. I remember a tall gentleman boned John Eastman , a pretty brunette named Ellen Tracy (I think) and a quirky bird watcher called Molly something-or-other (sorryMolly!). Then there was Steve Colantuno, Bob Biowersox, Kathy Levine, Jeff Hewson and some others I don't remember as well because they were on at weird times. This was BEFORE they consolidated with that other shopping channel that brought Mary Beth Roe to QVC .i think it was called CVN. I still watch QVC When there's nothing else on. It's interesting to see how they evolved over the years.

Jud went on to host HSN in Florida. From there, I don't know where she went.

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