What happened to Jerry's Home Store in Fulham London?

It has been taken over by a company called Confetti in 2002 and the Fulham and other stores have closed down. Here is a link to the relevant press articles http://www.confetti.co.uk/article/view/6703-7734-0.do Shopwatch"

"What is happening at Jerry's Home Store? This time last year it had six outlets including one on the Fulham Road, SW7, and another in the Bluewater shopping mall- now it only has its Tottenham Court Road shop in London, which is about to be taken over by Confetti, the internet wedding company. Jeremy Sacher, Jerry's founder and owner, claims that he wants to expand the mail-order offshoot, launch an internet site and break into the wedding market instead, with Jerry's Home Store a concession in the shops that Confetti open- the first of which will be next month at 80-81 Tottenham Court Road, London W1. Meanwhile Jerry's Home Store's new mail-order catalogue will be available from mid-July on 0870 840 6060."

The Times Weekend, June 2002