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What happened to John Cabot?

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John Cabot found a place in Canada, claimed it for Spain, was driven out, and died in a storm

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What happened to john Cabot boat?

john cabot died because of the storm blowing and the dangerous bad weak boat that john cabot had so john cabot and his friends went flying with the storm.

What happened to America when john Cabot explored?

Nothing at all.

What happened in Canada in 1497?

John Cabot discovered the Grand Banks

Who did John Cabot travel with?

John Cabot explored with Sebastian Cabot

What are 8 questions about John Cabot?

What did john Cabot see? What was John Cabot most known for? Why is John Cabot important? Where did John Cabot get married? Where did John Cabot go to college? Where did John Cabot go to school? What were the three names of John Cabot's ships on his second voyage? What were the five names of John Cabot's ships on his second voyage?

Did john Cabot have contact with Indians?

Yes. The Indian tribe John Cabot ran into was the Micmac tribe. This happened in 1497 and they were among the first Native Americans met by Europe.

Is Sebastian a brother to John Cabot?

No, John Cabot was the father of Sebastian Cabot.

What weapons did John Cabot use?

what weapons did john Cabot used

What happened in John Cabot's childhood?

When John Cabot was little his family had moved Venice, an Italian city-state.

Who did john Cabot encountered?

john cabot encounter

What are the achievements John Cabot?

The Achievements that john cabot had was that

What did john Cabot not find?

what did john cabot find

Who John Cabot worked for?

John Cabot worked for the French.

What are facts about John Cabot?

john Cabot discovered Newfoundland

How did John Cabot travel?

John Cabot traveled by boat.

When John Cabot set out?

John Cabot set out in 1497.

Did John Cabot have a crew?

Yes , John Cabot did have crew

Was John Cabot a mapmaker?

John Cabot was a mapmaker and a trader.

Who did John Cabot work for?

John Cabot worked for King Henry VII. John Cabot worked in Genoa, Italy.

What seems to have happened to John Cabot?

He discovered the rich cod-fishing grounds off Newfoundland.

What happened to John Cabot after he married?

He moved to Bristol and about fifteen years later he sailed to Newfoundland.

What happened when john Cabot met the first nation peoples?

yelled at them and killed each other

How many ships did John Cabot own?

john Cabot/Giovanni Cabot had 1 ship i think

When did the storm happen so that john Cabot die?

It was 1499 when the storm happened and John Cabot was believed to have died. He had embarked on a voyage when the storm hit and neither his ship nor him were ever seen again.

When was John Cabot died?

John Cabot died in 1499 By Nilo

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