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What happened to Kane on may 19th?

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he supposedly got burned in the house fire which killed his parents

In real life nothing other than that was the date his movie was released. In storyline that was the day his parents died.

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What happened on May 19th that upset Kane?

Kane clamed a demond killed his foster family when he was little

What happened may 19th?

A stupid storyline involving Kane and ..uuumm... Kane. Just a promotional thing for "See No Evil" movie.

What happened on May 19 that upset Kane?

On may 15 undertaker bymistake burned Kane fathers (paul bearer) grave and his father died . actually, on may 19th, that was the day his mother and adopted family died in a fire, SO SAD. MOST OF US SO LUCKY

Why did they stop the imposter Kane gimmick and what happened to him after the Kane vs Kane match?

Kane got his mask and killed the fate Kane

How did Kane fight Kane?

kane fight kane means one kane is imposter kane that is undertaker came in disguise of kane and fought with him.By this way" kane vs kane" was happened

What is the next series by Rick Riordan called?

The Kane Chronicles It is about EGYPTIAN being real The series comes out on May 19th 2010

When is Solomon Kane released in the UK?

It was released on 19th Febuary 2010.

Why does Kane get mad when people say May 19th?

Kane got mad because this was the so called date when his house got burnt down. It was also a promotional idea about his new film See No Evil also.

When did Kane's mom die why does Kane get mad when people say may 19th?

It is not a real part of his life.It is fictional and is part of his gimmick.So he is just acting.

What happened on May 19?

No one truly knows but it is said that that's the date of when Kane and undertakers parents died

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What date did Kane and undertakers parents die?

may 19th Sorry but Kane real name Glenn Jacobs his parents in real life are still alive and Mark Calaway aka taker in real life his parents are also alive

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Who played as the old Kane in wrestling?

The old Kane was played by the same Kane based on what i know, but in 2006 wen the imposter Kane was attacking the real Kane, the imposter was festus. in 1998 the same thing happened but that was undertaker.

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What happened to Kane?

WWEAs of October 2010, he is in WWE.

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What happend to Kane on may 19?

his parent died go to and type Kane talks about may 19

What happened to Kane from WWE and when is he coming back?

Kane is currently making a sequel to his last film, and is taking a break from wrestling.

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