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In 1984, Jack Benny Lynn drowned in a horseback accident crossing a river in Hurricane Mills.

Ernest Ray Lynn continues to play in his Mother's band, "The Coal Miners." He also sings with his mother, and at times he may do a special solo spot during Loretta's concerts. He also writes songs. Ernest's son, Ernie Jr., manages his grandmother's official eBay store.

Betty Sue Lynn Perry got married, and wrote some of the hits Loretta had in the 1960's. These included: Wine, Women, and Song; Before I'm Over You; The Other Woman; and The Home You're Tearin' Down. Betty Sue Lynn did not write these songs, Another songwriter by the name Betty Sue Perry did. Betty Sue Lynn wrote under the name Tracey Lee, the songs she wrote that her mother recorded are Ain't It Funny, Sundown Tavern, Too Wild To Be Tamed and When You're Poor.

The twins, Peggy and Patsy, became a Country Music duo. Touring with Loretta, and on their own. Also recording and writing songs. They even did a little acting by appearing on an episode of "The Dukes of Hazzard." It should be noted Loretta also did a different episode of "The Dukes of Hazzard" before the girls made their debut.

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Betty Sue Lynn and Betty Sue Perry are two completely different women. Betty Sue Lynn was Loretta's daughter and Betty Sue Perry wrote several hits for Loretta. and others. Betty Sue Perry was from St. Joseph, TN and passed away at the young age of 39.ย 

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Q: What happened to Loretta Lynn's children?
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Jack Benny is the only dead child of loretta's

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You're probably thinking of The Lynns, two of Loretta's daughters. They had a couple of hits around the same time as The Kinleys.

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Loretta Lynn is a country music singer-songwriter from Kentucky. She was born on April 14, 1932. Loretta Lynn's net worth is said to be USD 60 million.

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8318 West Grover Street Baldwin Hills, California

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Cissy, Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Ernest Ray, Patsy and Peggy.

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ernest ray,jack benny, sissy,betty sue, peggy,patsy

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yes he is. We just saw her concert. He sings and plays guitar in the band. Her twins sing and her granddaughter (Ernest's daughter) comes out and sings.

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Loretta has 6 children Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Ernest Ray, Clarie Marie (aka Cissy), Patsy, Peggy.

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A son of Loretta`s, Jack Benny.

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She's known as the Coal Miner's Daughter, the First Lady of Country Music, and the First Girl Country Singer. If your looking for the most popular name, it's by far Coal Miner's Daughter.

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