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What happened to Lucille maxwell miller?

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2009-01-24 18:35:19

A friend and I were obsessed with her back in the mid to late

80's. We traced the route she drove, looked at what used to be her

house, and even went to find out how much it would cost to stay at

the Forty Winks Motel on Route 66 (we didn't know the reason the

clerk looked strangely at us was because at the time it was a place

for trysts and illicit romances). Damn, I had two little kids in

the car who wanted to sleep in a tepee The last we ever heard about

Lucille Maxwell Miller was that she was released from jail and then

was later arrested for some petty theft shoplifting. It had a

picture of her and she certainly didn't look to us like some

gorgeous woman. The City of Ontario has an archival center where

they may have something more current, but for now that's all I

know. I do think of her now and again since I live not too far from

her street and am going to dental work at the Loma Linda School of

Dentistry. Hope someone else finds something on her. How old could

she be now? Linda Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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