What happened to Matt Dillon's gun Is it in a museum or does James Arness have it?

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For many years all the TV shows and movie studios in Hollywood got their guns from "Stembridge Gun Rentals" They were around since the 1920`s and furnished props on many movies and tv shows. They went out of business in the late 1990`s and their inventory of guns was sold in a special auction.The gun Matt Dillon used in "Gun Smoke" was among those sold along with guns used by Dan Blocker as "Hoss" on "Bonanza" and "Little Joe"`s gun as well. And many others. They are all in the hands of private collectors now. The last i heard Little Joes`s and Hoss`s guns are on display at the "Buffalo Bill Museum" in Wyoming.

For the record Dillon packed a Colt single action model 1873 71/2 inch barrel in 45 caliber. It was an actual antique made in 1895, not a modern day copy. When it sold at auction along with the gun and holster were papers from Stembridge stateing it was the gun used in the series along with an afadavit from James Arness himself. It sold for $15,000.00.

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