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What happened to Maya Fei in the Apollo Justice Ace Attorney?



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Maya's name is Maya FEY. Maya is not in Apollo Justice but if you were talking about Phoenix Wright, a lot of stuff happen to her like being accused of murder and kidnapping... the last episode in Trials of Tribulation is when the most sad thing happened to her.

Edit by inormationseeker: Maya and Pearl have gone back to Kurain village. Maya probably became the master of the kurain channeling technique and finished her training.

In Gyakuten Kenji (ace attorney investigations Miles Edgeworth) they were seen in a boat when Edgeworth was investigating for a kidnapping in Gatewaterland.

Only a few details about maya were given in Apollo Justice, for example: While Phoenix was in the hospital while he was involved in a car accident, Maya sent him videorecordings of the steel samurai.

It was also confirmed that Phoenix and Maya sometimes visited the noodle shop that was ran by Guy Eldoon's father at the time.

For the rest there are a few disclosed details given in Apollo Justice wich may refer to Maya Fey but could also refer to Edgeworth, Mia or even Godot.

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