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Mitch Guindon left Nickelback in 1998 being replaced by former drummer Ryan Vikedal, Mitch is in Vancouver, and as far as I know, he works for a car company, and still plays drums.

UPDATE Oct. 25, 2009.

Mitch Guindon has been living in Fort St. John, BC since 2008 and is working as an automotive mechanic at a Honda dealership.

He is also playing in a band called "Anytown" with Ryan Hennessey, Tyson Mowatt and Juno nominated singer songwriter Dayna Manning. Anytown is currently writing material for their first album.

update feb. 6 2011 ok the history of mitch guidon. Brandon kroeger the first drummmer of nickelback 1995-1997 in that time nickelback need a drummer so later in 1997 they found mitch guindon on 1998 he left the band why to work in a car company he thought it will be better if he doesnt work in a band so in 1998 he left without making no album. you cant hear his drums he doesnt appears in no nickelback albums tours or concerts. no pictures nothing at all later Ryan vikedal came and they start working in their new album the state

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Q: What happened to Mitch Guindon drummer for Nickelback?
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How long was mitch guindon a drummer for nickelback?

3 years. 1996-1998

Why was Brandon Kroeger kicked out of Nickelback?

Brandon Kroeger was not kicked out of Nickelback, he chose to leave the band after CURB was released. As a favor to the band, Brandon found replacement drummer Mitch Guindon whom he worked with at AYOTTE Drums in Vancouver.

What happened to Mitch Guindon?

*Updated Oct 2012 with correct information by Mitch Guindon* Mitch Guindon played with Canadian rock band Nickelback from 1997-1998 while working at Ayotte Drums in Vancouver, BC which is also where Nickelback's first drummer Brandon Kroeger worked at the time. Other notable drummers working at Ayotte Drums in 1998 were Chris Crippin (Bif Naked, Hedley), Ian Browne (Matthew Good, No Sinner) and Adam Drake (Art Bergmann, Holly McNarland). Mitch Guindon does not appear on any Nickelback recordings but did tour western Canada several times and was in a music video for the song "Fly" from the album "Curb". Mitch Guindon was replaced by drummer Ryan Vikedal in 1998 just prior to the recording of the album "The State". There are few pictures of Mitch Guindon playing with Nickelback aside from some old promotional material and fan photos. From 1998 to 2007 Mitch Guindon returned to his hometown on Vancouver Island and resumed his former career as an automotive technician with a specialty in high performance import cars. Drumming was less of a focus during this time though he did continue to play regularly. In 2008 Mitch Guindon moved to Fort St. John, BC where he found an impressive music scene thriving in this beautiful northern community and quickly resumed playing drums for several local singer songwriters such as Dayna Manning, Ryan Hennessey, Ryan Sebastiano, The Barracudas, Twin Peaks, and others. He also began studying cajon with renowned drummer and percussionist Dave Tolley (Xavier Rudd, Nine Mile, Brian Macmillan). Dave Tolley and Mitch Guindon together with drummer Mark Bodner began development of a professional line of hand made cajon drums and called the company Mitchslap Percussion. 2011 brought Mitch Guindon back to Vancouver Island where he continues to specialize in high performance cars at 5252 Motorsports in Victoria, BC and can be found playing with recording artists Ryan McMahon, Tara MacLean and others. Dayna Manning: Ryan McMahon: Tara McLean: Dave Tolley: 5252 Motorsports:

How many members are in the band Nickelback?

There are four members are in the band Nickelback. These four members are: Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair. Past members include Brandon Kroeger, Mitch Guindon, and Ryan Vikedal.

Why did Ryan carvell leave Nickelback?

No one by that name has ever been a member of Nickelback. Past members are - Brandon Kroeger Mitch Guindon Ryan Vikadel (also known as Nik)

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Why have Nickelback had so many drummers?

well the first drummer there cousin got in an accident then the replaced him with Daniel Adair the drummer they have now because Brandon kroeger joined the band in 1995 and left in 1997 because he wanted to spent time with his family mitch guidon went to the band in 1997 and left in 1998 because he wanted to go to the car company Ryan vikedal joined in 1998 and left in early 2005 because chad Ryan and mike decided he has to go they fired him saying he doesnt appeals to us nomore now they have Daniel adair

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Is Mitch Guidon still alive and what band does he play for now?

yes he is still alive. he is 37 years old his birthday was in January 16 he was born in 1973 he was with nickelback in 1997 to 1998 he never did a album with nickelback he was just friends and never did a album he doesnt play in no band he work in a car company fixing cars i saw him he is has short hair his voice is deep he is tall he has black eyes so that's everything

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How many drummers has Nickelback had?

3: Brandon Kroeger, Ryan Vikedal, and Daniel Adair. 4 Brandon Kroeger 1995-1997 Mitch Guidon 1997-1998 Ryan Vikedal 1998-2005 Daniel Adair 2005 present

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