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What happened to Mitch Guindon drummer for Nickelback?


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September 13, 2011 11:50AM

Mitch Guindon left Nickelback in 1998 being replaced by former drummer Ryan Vikedal, Mitch is in Vancouver, and as far as I know, he works for a car company, and still plays drums.

UPDATE Oct. 25, 2009.

Mitch Guindon has been living in Fort St. John, BC since 2008 and is working as an automotive mechanic at a Honda dealership.

He is also playing in a band called "Anytown" with Ryan Hennessey, Tyson Mowatt and Juno nominated singer songwriter Dayna Manning. Anytown is currently writing material for their first album.

update feb. 6 2011 ok the history of mitch guidon. Brandon kroeger the first drummmer of nickelback 1995-1997 in that time nickelback need a drummer so later in 1997 they found mitch guindon on 1998 he left the band why to work in a car company he thought it will be better if he doesnt work in a band so in 1998 he left without making no album. you cant hear his drums he doesnt appears in no nickelback albums tours or concerts. no pictures nothing at all later Ryan vikedal came and they start working in their new album the state