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What happened to Paul Bearer after Wrestlemania 20?

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Well paul came back in 2010 and made kane win world title then left then he died under the painful blood clot from the leg RIP Paul william moody Bearer REST IN PEACE

2013-03-25 23:58:03
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What are the release dates for Spin City - 1996 The Paul Bearer 2-24?

Spin City - 1996 The Paul Bearer 2-24 was released on: USA: 20 May 1998

Where can you download Paul Bearer's theme from WrestleMania 20?

try downloading winMX and search it. its easy and free!

Which WrestleMania did Triple H smash a mirror?


What are john cena's past WrestleMania opponents?

Wrestlemania 20: The Big Show Wrestlemania 21:John Bradshaw Layfield Wrestlemania 22:Triple H Wrestlemania 23:Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 24:Randy Orton and Triple H Wrestlemania 25:Edge and The Big Show Wrestlemania 26:Batista

Where can you download the WrestleMania 20 theme?

Where was WrestleMania 20 held?

Wrestlemania XX took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Which WrestleMania is the greatest of all time?

In My Verdict Probably Wrestlemania 20. I'd Say Next Years One Will Beat That Though Because Of It Been The 25th Anniversary WrestleMania 23

How many fight have undertaker win?

20 - 0 at wrestlemania

What will happen at wrestlemania 28?

The Undertaker will go 20-0.

What are the release dates for WrestleMania X - 1994 TV?

WrestleMania X - 1994 TV was released on: USA: 20 March 1994

How many young are produced at once by live bearer fish?

around 20+

How many wins has undertaker got?

he is currently 20-0 at wrestlemania

How many wrestlmanias has john cena been in?

WrestleMania 19 he just rap he doesn't had a match , WrestleMania 20 vs Big Show .WrestleMania 21 vs JBL (he won his first WWE tittle ) WrestleMania 22 vs Triple H , WrestleMania 23 vs Shawn Michaels , WrestleMania 24 vs Randy Orton vs Triple H WrestleMania 25 vs Edge vs Big Show , WrestleMania 26 vs Batista , WrestleMania 27 vs Miz , WrestleMania 28 vs Rock ....And he will have more probably next WrestleMania will be agains Undertaker and Undertaker will lost

Did undertaker lose at WrestleMania xxvii?

Nope! He won!! Now it's 20-0!

Will anyone beat undertaker at WrestleMania?

No wwe will get him to win 20 wm matches and then retire

Will the undertaker go 20-0 this year at WrestleMania 28?

Hopefully, yes.

Has undertaker retired from the WWE?

No, he hasn't, but there are rumors that he will retire with a 20-0 wrestlemania streak

How much did Floyd Mayweather get for participating in Wrestlemania XXIV?

Months before Wrestlemania XXIV, the WWE announced regularly that Floyd Mayweather would be given $20 million dollars to have a boxing match with Paul "the Big Show" Wight. The company mentioned this so often that quite a few news sources reported the $20 million dollar figure as fact. But more than likely the $20 million dollar payout was apart of the wrestling storyline, especially since the WWE reported that Wrestlemania XXIV generated around $23.8 million in total revenue. There are sources that are reporting that Mayweather more than likely received around $2 million for his Wrestlemania appearance, plus a percentage of the pay-per-view buys.

What are the release dates for Becker - 1998 The Bearer of Bad Tidings 2-19?

Becker - 1998 The Bearer of Bad Tidings 2-19 was released on: USA: 20 March 2000

Where is WrestleMania 30 going tobe?

On the very first wrestlemania and wrestlemania 10 and 20 was madison square gardens and watching a wwe special they said every 10 years thet will have it at madison sqaure gardens so short story is madison sqaure gardens

Who holds the WrestleMania which is in WWE record?

Undertaker is 20 and 0 at wrestle mania as of werstlemania 28

Who did the song at the end of WrestleMania 20?

It was called Touche by Godsmack and Step up by Drowning Pool.

How long was the undertaker and triple h match at WrestleMania 20011?

15-20 mins ish

Did Triple H win WWE WrestleMania 28?

no.. the undertaker wins.. and his streak was 20-0

Who are undertakers victims?

1-0 WrestleMania VII (1991) - Jimmy Snuka2-0 WrestleMania VIII (1992) - Jake "The Snake" Roberts3-0 WrestleMania IX (1993) - Giant Gonzalez4-0 WrestleMania XI (1995) - King Kong Bundy5-0 WrestleMania XII (1996) - Kevin Nash "Diesel"6-0 WrestleMania XIII (1997) - Sycho Sid7-0 WrestleMania XIV (1998) - Kane8-0 WrestleMania XV (1999) - Big Boss Man9-0 WrestleMania XVII (2001) - Triple H10-0 WrestleMania XVIII (2002) - Ric Flair11-0 WrestleMania XIX (2003) - Big Show & A-Train12-0 WrestleMania XX (2004) - Kane13-0 WrestleMania XXI (2005) - Randy Orton14-0 WrestleMania XXII (2006) - Mark Henry15-0 WrestleMania XXIII (2007) - Batista16-0 WrestleMania XXIV (2008) - Edge17-0 WrestleMania XXV (2009) - Shawn Michaels18-0 WrestleMania XXVI (2010) - Shawn Michaels19-0 WrestleMania XXVII(2011)- Triple H20-0 WrestleMania XXVIII (2012)-Triple H21-0 WrestleMania XXIX(2013)- CM Punk