World War 1

What happened to Russia's economy after World War 1?

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2007-04-25 23:50:33

The Bolshevik Revolution was 1918. That was pretty much it.

Since it all went to Communism after then there was no "real"

capitalism to speak of, and all money and possessions became state

money and possessions. So whatever could be used for the

"betterment of the state", in practice was disallowed in the way of

personal ownership. Whatever churches existed, became "museums"....

nothing that had individual value remained in the hands of the

individual. The propaganda machine tore through the collective

psyche and all but quashed individuality. Peasants were created and

destroyed... somewhere between 30 and 50 million died as a

result.... Economically think of the USA with respect to Katrina

and Sept 11- 4200 deaths in both those events combined and it

slammed the economy to a stand still for a short time. Now imagine

the same thing multiplied by 100,000. THAT is roughly what happened

to the economic state of the Soviet Union, without the aid of

modern medicine, treaties, media or dialogue like we have now in

the world. Pretty grim stuff. Now the value went to a government

within the border, but the individual wealth ceased... and so did

so many lives.

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