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What happened to Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar after he died?

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January 08, 2010 2:44AM

SRV's Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan's main guitar, which he called "Number One," along with his various other guitars are in the possession of his brother, Jimmie Vaughan. Jimmie sold one of Stevie's guitars, Lenny, at an auction for $623,500 in 2004.

When Guitar Center bougth the guitar a very special deal was made. They have soul rights to producing "Lenny" and selling them only in their stores. Many felt the sale should not have occured. I am in this group. I have every recording and DVD that Stevie produced and taking this very special guitar(named after his wife and bought by a group of his friends from a pawn shop, he didn't have the money) out of what is considered a pricless collection a very bad decission.