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Q: What happened to a 1993 Chevy Cavalier that backfired and black dust like residue was blown underneath the car when you tried to start it?
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What is refinery residue?

What is refinery residue

What is the definition of carbon residue?

Carbon residue is deposits of solid black residue from burnt carbon.

What might be the residue?

A residue is something left over. Fires usually leave a residue of ash.

Is salt a residue?

Salt (NaCl) is not a residue.

Is there a difference in measuring Dry residue and Residue after ignition?

Yes: dry residue may be the residue obtained after drying at 110-115 0C and residue after ignition is obtained at a higher temperature, up to 1 000 0C.

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Residue refers to the material remaining after an evaporation.

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Distillate is the residue of evaporation.

What is the cosmic micorwave backgrounds orgin?

That is the residue from the Big Bang.That is the residue from the Big Bang.That is the residue from the Big Bang.That is the residue from the Big Bang.

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Solid residue is what remains after a liquid evaporates.

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Salt is a residue of the distillation process.

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It's cyanoacrylate residue.

A sentence with residue in it?

There was a powdery residue left over after I evaporated the solution.

Is there a refinery residue that starts with the letter B?

This residue is bitumen.

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'Residue' is the matter remaining after something has been removed.

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it forms a black colored residue.

Does crack cocain leave a residue?

Does crack cocain leave a residue

What is a solid called when it is left in filter paper after you have filtered the mixture?

Residue.or precipitate

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Could be milk sugar or milk fat, would have to know what you were making to give better answer.

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Ash is another name for cigar residue.

How do you spell residue?

That is the correct spelling of the word "residue" (remaining, as of a spilled material).

What did the residue consist of in the sand and salt mixture?

If you think to filtration sand is a residue.

There is a vent hose from the engine that runs underneath the truck on top of the transmission on my 2002 Chevy Avalanche can you tell me what this is It has some oil residue in that area?

The vent hose is for either the transfer case breather or the transmission breather. A light amount of oil residue is normal. If there is a lot of fluid coming out of the hose then it is most likely caused from the transmission getting too hot.