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They are still together, but are very private as there are not many pictures of them on the internet for everyone to see. This is a good way to keep privacy.

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Who is Brad Pasley married to?

Kimberly Williams. Shes an actress.

What happened to actress Kristi Ducati?

She is happily married with two kids.

Who is Kellie Shaygne Williams?

Kellie Shanygne Williams is an actress. She is known for her role on the show "Family Matters". She is now married with children.

How old is Jennifer Williams?

Jennifer Williams (Basketball Wives) is 43 years old (born September 17, 1974).* Williams is her married name (Eric Williams) - she is not the actress named Jennifer Williams who is married to Charlie Dell. There are at least 2 other actresses who have this same name.

What happened to susanna Williams of the game show card sharks?

Susannah Williams is happily married in Dallas, Texas

Was brad paisley married before to a Hollywood star?

He is married to a Hollywood actress, yes. Her name is Kimberly Williams - Paisley. She's pregnant with their second child as of now.

Is Venus Williams married?

No, Venus Williams is not married.

Are Melvin Williams and Doug Williams married?

Doug Williams got married in 2009. There is no information stating whether or not his brother Melvin Williams is married.

Who is Venus Williams married to?

Venus Williams is not currently married.

Is Melvin Williams married?

No, singer Melvin Williams is not married.

Is petey Williams married?

Petey Williams in not married as of yet. He is engaged to be married in August of 2008.

Who was Ted Williams married to?

Ted Williams was married to Lee Howard... they were divorced

Was the actress Susan Oliver married?

No, the actress Susan Oliver, who died in 1990, was never married.

Is Melvin Williams of the Williams Brothers married?

I'm glad he's not married because I'm so in love with Melvin William music.

Who is niki karimi the iranian actress married to?

Niki Karimi the Iranian actress is single and not married to anyone.

Who is is Christopher Williams dating or married to now?

He s married to Natalie Macklin- Williams

Is John Williams the composer married?

Yes, John Williams is married to Barbara Ruick.

Does Clarence Williams III have children?

He was married to Tyne Daly and they have twin daughters. So, he has at least two children. Tyne Daly was NOT married to Clarence Williams III. She was married to Georg Stanford Brown. They have 3 children together. Mr. Brown's more famous roles were in the TV show "The Rookies" & also in Roots. Clarence Williams III was married to actress Gloria Foster. They married in 1967 & divorced in 1984. I found nothing in his history to indicate he has children.

Who is married to actress gwyneth paltrow the actress married to?

The lead singer of the band Coldplay, his name is Chris Martin.

Was narvel married to an actress or country singer?

Narvel Blackstock is married to actress and country singer Reba McEntire.

Is Wendy Williams married and have children?

Wendy Williams is married and she does havae a child, Kevin Jr.

Is lee Williams of the spiritual qc's married?

How many of Lee Williams and the Spirtual QC's are married?

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