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There are still some that do, but not many.

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Q: What happened to all the cool gods like Zeus and RA and Loki does anybody still worship or believe in them today?
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Are there any cultures that still believe in the greek gods?

Many Pagans today do still worship the Greek Gods.

Why do you people still worship the occult?

People do not think. That is why they believe in cult. They are easy to brainwash.

What happened to the Mont Blanc?

Its still there, still has the highest peak in Europe, I believe.

Do people still believe in the Greek gods?

Yes, some people do still believe in the Greek Gods, although their worship is not as widespread as it once was.

Why do you still believe that the McCains know what has happened to their little daughter?

I don't.

Does the undertaker still worship the devil?

yes the undertaker still worship the devil

Is Zeus still worshiped in 2012?

Most people have stopped believing and worshipping Zeus and the other Greek gods, but it is possible that some still believe and possibly worship.

When did people stop believing in hades?

Not everyone stopped believing in Him. There are still quite a few people that believe in and worship Him.

Do Egyptians still worship their gods?

Yes, in some parts of Egypt people still worship the ancient gods

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He is still alive. Many believe he will appear in Episode 9. :D

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Do people in Greece still pray and believe in greek gods and goddess?

Not that anybody knows about. Now most Greeks are Greek Orthodox, one of the oldest Christian religions.

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What does Jesus Ascension into heaven mean today?

Sadly today it means very few in today's times, only about 95% of the people today still believe. But the other 5% are still believers and worship God.

What did Jews worship?

We Jews still worship and have always worshiped G-d. nothing else.

Does anybody still believe that the earth is flat and its the centre of the solar system?

Yes a lot of young earth creationists believe this to be true. They also believe that the sun live in a tent at night.

What kinds of gods do people worship In America?

We worship the same gods as the rest of the world. There are people who believe in the Christian God and His Son Jesus. Others follow the Jewish faith, still others belong to Islam. There are also many smaller sects. The difference about America is that we pride ourselves on the separation of church and state. We are free to believe, or not believe, anything we want. That is one of our basic freedoms as Americans.

When do Buddhists worship their god?

Buddhists do not worship any gods. Therefore the answer is never. Many Buddhist believe in beings called Devas who have attained an existence in a higher realm, liver longer and more serene existence but can still fall prey to human failings.

What Do You Believe Creation or Evolution?

I believe in evolution because we find so many fossils from the past and still no miracle from God has yet happened. I believe in creation because there is way more proof!!

What happened to herobrine?

it has been said that they took him out for some reason but i dont believe that is true because there has still been sitings of him

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What is still unknown about wind power?

If it's still unknown, how would anybody know it?

Is it wrong to worship on the Sabbeth if I don't worship on Sunday?

You can worship God any day of the week and it will still Sabbath. Sunday is the day that people go to church.

Is hades real?

There are some people that believe Hades to be real, and still worship Him even today. He was very much believed in during the reign of the Greek Gods.