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He's enoying his first taste of fatherhood as he and his wife had their first child in January. Congratulations to both. Rod has become one of Redcliffes greatest sporting exports after spending two years in the top 30 money earners in the PGA tour (Golf). Well done Rod.

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When was Rod Pampling born?

Rod Pampling was born on 1969-09-23.

When was Jonathan Pampling born?

Jonathan Pampling was born in 1980.

Obd location golf mkII?

there is no odb on mkII golfs there is no odb on mkII golfs

Famous golfers with names beginning with r?

Below are golfers listed on the PGA website homepage.Rory McIlroyRicky BarnesRyuji ImadaRobert AllenbyRocco MediateRoger TombelliniRod Pampling

Who are famous Australian golfers?

Adam Scott, Nick O'Hern, Richard Green, Geoff Ogilvy, Aaron Baddeley, Robert Allenby, Stuart Appleby,Wayne Grady, Ian Baker-Finch, Steve Elkington, Rod Pampling.

Whatever happened to rod nassiri in London?

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He is retired and lives in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca with his wife( married since 1958)!! Golfs usually once a week among other activities.

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Andrews or Fort Belvoir; he golfs there the most.

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The President's Cup is played from October 1st to October 6th.

What are the most common sports in Mississippi?

Football, basketball, baseball, water-polo and golfs.

Does Nick Jonas snowboard?

I'm not sure if he snowboards, but i do know that he golfs and his favorite sport is baseball! =]

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VW Golfs have hydrolic clutches that you cannot adjust.

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