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The men were put to labor work until they were too old or sick to continue. Then they were killed in gas chambers.

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What happened to adults during the Holocaust?

Adults and children were slaughtered in the Holocaust.

What happened in the US during the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, Americans had a role in liberating concentration camps and fighting with the Allies.

What happened to the US during the holocaust?

Nothing specific, the US was fighting a war for most of the time during the Holocaust.

What happened during the Holocaust in the year 1943?

I farted

What happened to Rabbi during the Holocaust?

Many rabbis were killed.

What happened during the time of the holocaust?

World War II

What countries and what years did the Holocaust happen?

The Holocaust happened mostly in Poland from 1941-1945, during WWII

How do books about the Holocaust help us remember the Holocaust?

They talk about the holocaust?

Where were the female prisoners during the holocaust?

Ghettos with the children and men.

What happens to men in concentration camps during holocaust?

they die

What happened to the Jewish people who lived in Poland during the Holocaust?

About 90% of them - that is over 2.9 million - were slaughtered in the Holocaust.

Have there been genocides during the holocaust?

yes, for example what happened to the Gypsies.

What happened to the polish Jews during the holocaust?

Most were murdered by the Nazis.

What Jewish men women and children were murdered in the Holocaust?

Countless men, women and children, including many races other than Jews, were murdered during the Holocaust.

What was an event that happened during the post modernism period?

Holocaust was one event.

What happened to people inside gas chambers during the Holocaust?

they suffocated and died

What were 4 actions that happened during the holocaust?

segregation, deportation, incarceration, extermination.

What happened to the Jews from January to July 1096 during the Holocaust?

i think they died?

What happened to handicapped people during the Holocaust?

They were mercilessly slain and/or burned alive.

What happened to the province of Utrecht during the Holocaust?

all the jews were killed in the camps

Why were jews singled out during the holocaust?

The Jews were singled out by the Nazi's during the Holocaust because they were seen as a threat for world dominance. They believed that if this happened, they would destroy the Germans.

How did the Jewish men look like during the Holocaust?

You can see pictures of them. Go to and click on Images and then type in the word Holocaust.

What kind of sports happened during the Holocaust?

not that many...people were too busy bbqing

What happened in refugee camps during the Holocaust?

Enormous, crazy parties, for the main part.

What happened in death camps during the holocaust?

People suffered and died.