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Under apartheid, people from the Indian sub-continent were classed as 'coloureds' and had a status between that of whites and blacks.

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Hendrik Verwoerd was the Prime Minister during apartheid.

Black homelands, white homelands and Bantu homeland were the three homelands in South Africa during the apartheid.

in the apartheid in south Africa, blacks were greatly affected.

SA was not ruled by the British during the apartheid era. The country was independent for a number of years during the time.

Pro apartheid activists (maily whites) and anti apartheid activists (including whites and non whites).

Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa in 1994. He would continue the role until 1999. The long held South African practice of apartheid was ended during the early 1990s.

The prohibition of the mixed marriages act during apartheid had a major effect on the economy in South Africa. in 1949 mixed marriages were banned and that immorality act became one of the first legislation act for the apartheid.

Equality exists in all public facilities. People who went to jail during Apartheid were freed.

Sanctions were placed on the Republic of South Africa during the latter stages of the Apartheid era.

the most people in south Africa to die were black and they died during the apartheid

The setting is South Africa during the apartheid era

the Europeans thought they had power so they test there toughness on the Africans:)

Yes, South Africa is part of the Commonwealth. It left the Commonwealth during the apartheid era, but rejoined when majority rule was instituted in 1994.

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Answer this question… forced to carry pass books at all times.

Answer this question forced to carry pass books at all times …

what sacrifices did chris hani have to do during apartheid

Yes. Certain journalists were tortured for hanging certain printed pictures portraying life inside a confinement cell for Apartheid prisoners.

Team Edward and Team Jacob. The bitter divide continues to haunt the world today.

by converting coal into petroleum when there was an embargo placed on south Africa during the apartheid

Apartheid regime dominated. lots of racial segregation, a womans march took place in 1956. Nelson manidela succeeds Peter Mda as the new president of African National Congress Youth League.

Segregation was part of Apartheid and segregation officially ended with the end of Apartheid. Today, certain areas of South Africa still seem racially imbalanced. That is since during the Apartheid era, South Africans developed strong bonds within their own communities and continued to live together even after the end of Apartheid, although people have total freedom to live where they want to.

Nelson Mandela was a prisoner in South Africa during apartheid. Mandela and F.W. de Klerk were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. After apartheid Mandela was elected South Africa's new president.

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