What happened to the Hopi tribe?

The Hopi live where, as far as anyone knows, they have always lived, in what is now northern Arizona. Traditional belief and oral history says they have lived there since the end of their tribal migrations to the four directions and the gathering of the clans at this spot. Oral history says this place was chosen because it was difficult to live here and it would keep them living the correct way. They believe that living here maintains the rest of the world.

Archeology says they have lived in the same area for at least 1100 years.

There are about 18,000-20,000 Hopi today which is about what the population was at first contact with the Spanish. Population declined mainly due to European diseases until the end of the 1800s and then started to increase.

The Hopi are very lucky not to have experienced the worst of colonization by the Spanish, Mexican and the Americans.

They forced and killed the small Spanish presence out during the Pueblo revolt of 1680 and again at Awatovi in 1700.

The Mexican government never entered their area.

The Americans took over in 1848 but didn't really have much of a active presence until around 1890 -1900. By the mid 20th century the worst of the American practices were starting to end.