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In 1914 the world was a very different place. Whole families lived within streets of each other and sometimes even in the same street or village. This 'extended family' of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents sustained, nurtured and protected the children.

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What were the chores of a Babylonian woman?

one role is that the girls have to take care of the children while the fathers are out working. (like most stay at home mothers)

What has the author Clara M Beyer written?

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What are some of the disadvantages of mothers working away from home?

Working mothers can not give as much time to their children as non-working mothers. The time that they are able to give will not be of the same quality. Children require both, quantity and quality, of their parent;s time.

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What did elderly people do in World War 2?

The elderly looked after children when fathers were overseas and mothers working in a factory. They also contributed produce in food drives, and some may have worked in factories, especially in textiles

Why did some children live in Alcatraz?

They lived on the island because their fathers were actively working on Alcatraz.

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What fathers and mothers do for their children?

Good parents raise and care for their children. Teach them right from wrong. How to behave in society. Then, if or when grandchildren come along, they take on the role of grandparents who are always on demand for babysitting, and later on, collecting the grandchildren from school because the parents are working full time! From experience, the list is endless!

What information is available on time management for working mothers?

There is a magazine called Working Mothers which, as the title indicates, is geared towards working mothers. I would think this magazine would be a good source for information on time management for working mothers.

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What was the American dream in the 1950's?

This is the wrong answer, the American dream of the 1950's was about having a family (mostly the nuclear family), and owning a house, stay at home mothers, working fathers, children doing good in school, and living a pleasant life

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What jobs did the slave children do on the plantation?

when they were just infants older slave children looked after them and brought the mothers to them when they wouldn't stop crying to feed them. sometimes if the masters liked them they run errands for the masters. they checked their fathers traps for animals that were killed and tended the garden, also carried water to the adults working on the fields

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What are the effects of working mothers on family institutions?

working mothers don't get enough time for interaction with family members. Their Children deprived of motherly affection, family education, norms, culture and thus deficit in many ways. Nevertheless children suffers psychologically which can't be fulfilled. On the other hand, if mothers can handle the above maturely, could be over-come, and be able to convince and make a balance to the every relationship, the results could be better. Working mothers can utilize their professional expertise to family management, to some extent.

What is the definition of an working mother?

it refers to women who are mothers and who work outside of the home for income in addition they perform at home raising their children.

Is working mothers a noun?


Are the children of working women more confident and responsible then the children of typical house wives?

I really don't think one can make such generalizations. What's more, they can easily lead to stereotyping, which is undesirable. The notion that the children of working mothers become confident and responsible is about as accurate as the notion that they are neglected!

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What are working mothers?

In today's economy, most women have to work to support their children even if they have a husband. Sometimes the family is lucky enough to have a female relative such as the grandmother than can watch the children or the children go into day care.

Working women are good mothers why?

Not all women are good mothers. Being a working woman doesn't affect how good a mother one is.

Do you agree or disagree that mothers with young children be banned in working abroad?

i disagree-many people could whatch the children-family,friends,babysitters,care givers,and many other people.

Do fathers have to pay child support in South Carolina if they are not working?

YES they definantly do,and mothers too or they will lock you arrest just contempt of year in county detention.I know this first hand.

What is the number of working mothers in India?


How much maternity leave are mothers entitled to?

No statute requires maternity leave. Some larger employers in the US must offer unpaid FMLA leave to employees who have at least one year of service, close to the delivery date (once incapicitated from working), and FMLA leave is available to fathers and mothers.