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When was Gearoid Towey born?

Gearoid Towey was born in 1977.

How do you pronounce GEAROID?

The name Gearoid is the Irish/Gailge version of Gerard. To say Gearoid it is pronounced Gar-owed, or Gah-road which ever works for you. Slan leat. The G is a hard G like in Gareth or Grover.

Who is Gearoid O'Dowd?

Irish musician and author.

What has the author Gearoid Crookes written?

Gearoid Crookes has written: 'Dublin's eye & ear' -- subject(s): History, Ophthalmic and aural Hospitals, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (Dublin, Ireland)

Name of person who raised the tricolour on the GPO in Dublin 1916?

Gearoid O'Sullivan.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lucy Kennedy Show - 2008?

The cast of The Lucy Kennedy Show - 2008 includes: Gearoid Farrelly as Himelf

What actors and actresses appeared in Meet Your Neighbours - 2011?

The cast of Meet Your Neighbours - 2011 includes: James Akpotor as Seamus Gearoid Farrelly as Conjoined twin Eoin Whelan as Pascal

What actors and actresses appeared in Through the Broken Window - 2013?

The cast of Through the Broken Window - 2013 includes: Roderic Byrnes as Brendan Dana Cubrilo as Sammy Amber McMahon as Viola Gearoid Towey as Father

What has the author Mary Ann Lyons written?

Mary Ann Lyons has written: 'Strangers to citizens' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, History, Irish 'Gearoid Og Fitzgerald (Life and times series / Historical Association of Ireland)'

Where can you get emulators for android?

The android market has a number of good emulators, including fpse (playstation). The market has all the -droid emulators (gearoid, gameboid, psx4droid, etc.) There are some other emulators too, like a great N64 one by paulscode. You will need to google for this.

What actors and actresses appeared in Return to Florence - 2006?

The cast of Return to Florence - 2006 includes: Joelle Brunet as herself Serena Eastland as herself Emma Elliot as herself Glenn Haybittle as himself Gearoid Hayes as himself Fipsi Seilern as herself

How do you say the Irish word for hate?

Answer:Fuath is 'hate/hatred'. Fuath agus gráin is 'hatred and abhorrence'. 'I hate it' would be Is fuath liom é. (2k3r021)Previous answer:AS you may know Irish is a complex language and so many questions have to be answered with another . I.e , in what context are you using the word? If you gave a sentence that you were using it in I would happily answer you.The short answer to your question ishate = (verb ) fuathaigh hate = (verb ) gráinigh hate = (noun) fuathhate =(noun) gráinFuath and Gráin are mostly interchangable so you could choose one or the other and get the same meaning. As I warned its a complex language and you wouldn't just take the verb and change it for tense. In fact the literal translation of saying you hate something or someone is to say ' I have hate on .....( Subject )If you have a precise phrase you would like translated post it here and I will translate it for you .Is miseGearoid

What are baby names for each letter of the alphabet?

Boys/Girls A- aaron/aretha B- bobby/becky C- christian/chloe D- daniel/danielle E- Eric/Ellie F- franklin/farrah G- gregory/Georgia H- harry/hannah I- Isaac/Imogen J- Jeremy/jamie K- Kevin/karolina L- larry/Laura M- Michael/maria N- Napoleon/NEssa O- Oscar/Octavia P- peter/patricia Q- Quincy/Queenie R- Ronald/remmy S- Steven/stefani T- Thomas/tammy U- Udell/Uma V- Victor/Veronica W- William/Wenona X- xander/Xara Y- Yale/Yvonne Z- Zac/Zoe _ Girls//Boys A - Áine//Aidan B - Bronagh//Breandainn C - Caoimhe//Cathal D - Darcy//Daithi E - Eimear//Eamon F - Fionnuala//Fearghal G - Gráinne//Gearoid H - Hannagh//Harry I - Íde//Iollan J - Jasmine//Jarlath K - Kerry//Keiran L - Laura//Lorcan M - Mairead//Miceál N - Niamh//Niall O - Olivia//Oisín P - Patricia//Pádraig Q - Queenie//Quinnlivan R - Roisin//Ruairí S - Saoirse//Seamus T - Teagan//Tadhg U - Ultana//Ullan V - Valerie//Victor W - Wilma//William X - Xara//Xandar Y - Yseult//Yale Z - Zara//Zach

What are some unique baby names?

GIRLS:Carsondylannalexzcamerynnaustynnalexia gracetorranceHaleighnoellenanidemiAl'LenaTayylrShylohspyrahCharlloteBellelitaBethBOYS:tygermadoxxleontyelerCute Girl Name: Ebyon RoseGirlsCáitriona. "Katrina".Aoibheann. "eve+een".Fionnuala. "fin+noo+la".Saoirse. "sear+sha" (means freedom in Irish).Niamh. "kneev".Gráinne. "grawn+yeh".Sinead. "shin+nayd".Órlaith. "orla".Eimear. "ee+mer".Aoife. "ee+fa".Bronagh. "broh+na".Caoimhe. "keeva".Aodheen. "aid+een".Sián. "shan".Daimhin. "dawveen".BOYS:Eamon. "aim+an".Miceál. "mee+haul".Darragh. "darah".Gearoid. "gar+rid".Fionn. "Finn".Oisín. "osh+een".Odhrán. "oran".Tadhg. "tyeg" (like the first sylable of "tiger").Padraig. "paw+drig".Fearghal. "fer+gul".Caolan. "kee+lan".Tíarnach. "teer+nack".Cormac. "corm+ack".Reilly. "rye+lee."Donobhain. "donovan".All are Irish, hence the spellings =DThere are hundreds if not thousands of alternatives. Many variants would count as unique names, although their root/core names may be common. One way of finding more unique names is by checking out the popularity rankings in the USA /other parts of the world. Those that rank in the top 1000 in the USA would be considered popular, and therefore, common. has as useful feature - at the bottom of every name page (eg. the page with information on the name "Michael"), there's a suggestion of unique names starting with the same alphabet - ie - "M" names for boys such as "Marton", " Merwine" etc...for a girls, my name is Jezebella i get compliments on it all the time. i love the name because it is so unique (also jezebel)