What happened to the Steve fee band?

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Steve Fee had an affair with one of the band member's wife. The band broke up in 2010 and no longer exist.
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What happened to Steve sax?

According to Wikipedia, after Steve Sax' life after baseball has included:. 1) Steve is currently piloting a new sports networking site called allsportsconnection.com. Steve is focused on fitness and took the initiative to sponsor and develop a tool for athletes to form teams, post local events, an ( Full Answer )

Why Steve perry leave the journey band?

He didn't leave Journey, Journey left him. He was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease and couldn't perform in their 1996 comeback tour which caused it to be cancelled. Perry wanted to avoid any major surgery if at all possible. Neal Schon (guitar) and Jonathan Cain (Keyboard/piano) waited 13 ( Full Answer )

Should slash and Steve perry form a band of their own?

Dude that band would be cool but it would need more than that they would need a drummer like Tommy lee and a bass player like flea. Tommy Lee ok, but Flea? Not quite the right type. Get Lexxi from Steel Panther onto it, or Vixen's bassist from the album Tangerine - she's really good.

Where is Steve Perry of the band journey now?

He lives in Los Angeles as far as I know. People see him around town from time to time especially at Dodgers games. He has been reported to living in either San Diego close to a beach and in Fresno. He was selected as one of the artist for a new CD coming out next month in the 'very best of' colle ( Full Answer )

What happened to Steve dunne?

He had a heart attack and died while marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC on March 17, 2009.

Is Steve Miller of the Steve Miller band Glenn Millers son?

That would have been interesting, but the answer is unfortunately no. The Steve Miller who is Glenn's son was adopted when Glenn was in the AAF, so he had no real contact with his father and had no musical inheritance*. At one point he was employed as a gunsmith. (*) The musical genes run stro ( Full Answer )

When did Steve perry leave the band?

Steve Perry left Journey in 1998 after a hip injury. He didn't want to rush into surgery, and his bandmates wanted to get the show on the road; the pressure from Neal Schon and Jon Cain was the main reason for his resignation from the band.

Which is better Steve Miller Band or Eric Clapton?

They are both great in their own ways. Clapton is a traditional virtuoso, Miller is a progressive virtuoso, but both have a deep respect and true love for the music and traditions of blues, rock, and the people who pioneered both genres.

Who Is Steve Vai's Band?

His "band" doesn't have a name, and the line up changes quite a bit. So his band has no name.. Steve Vai played with Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, and Whitesnake in addition to his solo work

What happened to Steve dahl?

\nSteve Dahl still lives in the Chicago suburbs, and while he's still under contract from CBS radio until 2011 he is doing a daily podcast from his home. It is available via iTunes and Steve's website:\n\nwww.Dahl.com/podcasts \nwww.Dahl.com/iTunes

What happened to Steve Perry of journey?

Steve Perry left Journey in 1998 after a hip injury he got while getting in shape in Hawaii for the Trial By Fire Tour (which didn't happen due to his resignation.)

Why did Steve Perry leave band?

Steve perry had a pain in his left hip. he found out there was something wrong with it and he needed surgery to fix it. he didn't want to get the surgery. he couldn't tour! Neal schon really wanted to tour and so did the rest of the band. they hadn't toured in about three years and neal decided, "ge ( Full Answer )

How can you get to meet Steve Perry from the band Journey?

Steve Perry has not been with the band Journey for a while, and by most reports, their parting was not especially friendly. While many of his fans wish they could meet him, it is rare for fans to actually meet their favorite performers. But it does happen sometimes, usually under a particular set of ( Full Answer )

What happens to Steve Irwin's accident?

he was diving, filming a documentary off Australia's northern coast when a stingray appeared and stung him in the heart. well, actually, the barb supposedly went through his heart. there was a woman who was in a speedboat, incidentially, lately that got whacked in the face by a huge spotted eagle ra ( Full Answer )

Why did Steve Vai leave the David Lee Roth Band?

Vai wanted to continue on in the esoteric direction of "Skyscraper," which he'd co-produced, whereas Roth was discovering the blues and wanted to produce a blues-rock album. No fighting -- just creative differences. One can hear Roth's new blues-rock direction (with Jason Becker on guitar) on "A L ( Full Answer )

Did Boz Scaggs sing with Steve Miller Band?

He was associated with Steve Miller Band and did play with them in the late 1960's as he was associated with a number of other music legends.

What happened to Steve Wozniak after apple?

In 1981 Steve Wozniak (often known as Woz) crashed his light aircraft so he took time off from Apple to recover, get married and return to university. In 1983 he returned to Apple working as an engineer rather than an executive. He completed his degree in 1986 and then left Apple on February 6, 1987 ( Full Answer )

Did Steve Fee cheat on his wife?

Yes, he just made an announcement at a North Point Church staff meeting that he has been having an affair for four of the years that Fee was together (the band has disbanded since).

Is the band perry children of Steve perry from journey?

No, The Band Perry's 3 siblings (Kimberly Perry, Neil Perry and Reid Perry) are NOT the children of the 80s singer Steve Perry who was with Journey. Their father is Dr. Charles Stephen "Steve" Perry , a Mississippi-born pediatrician who now practices medicine in Greeneville, TN. Their mother i ( Full Answer )

Is Steve Perry the father of The Band Perry children?

Yes, Steve Perry is the father of Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, and Neil Perry. However, he is not the same Steve Perry from the band Journey. Their father is a pediatrician in Mississippi.

Is Steve perry the father of the Band Perry's performers?

No, Steve Perry who is the singer for the 80s band Journey is NOT the father of the three sibling singers who make up The Band Perry . Their father is named Steve, though. He is Dr. Charles Stephen "Steve" Perry , a native of Moss Point, Mississippi who is now a pediatrician practicing in Gre ( Full Answer )

Is Steve Perry of Journey The Band Perry's dad?

No, the Steve Perry who was the 80s lead singer for Journey is NOT the father of The Band Perry. But The Band Perry' s father IS named Steve: He is Dr. Charles Stephen "Steve" Perry, a pediatrician originally from Moss Point, MS who now practices medicine in Greeneville, TN. Their mother is ( Full Answer )

Who is the girl in the video Abracadabra sung by Steve Miller Band?

The beautiful blonde girl who appears at the beginning of the videoand recurs throughout was a model, actress and artist. She was 15at the time the video was made in 1981 (though it aired on MTV in'82). The production company for the video was Homer &Associates. I know the actress but am not permitt ( Full Answer )

What band is Steve Dow the drummer in?

Steve Dow is a freelance touring drummer who continues to appear and tour both regionally and nationally. He has performed with JUNO and CMT award-winning singer/songwriter, Joan Kennedy (of Canada), and has recorded with many top musicians and performing artists. He also is world-ranked speed drumm ( Full Answer )

Did something happen to Steve AUSTIN?

Yes he had gone through a neck injury in 1997 but he still wrestled as a heel but in the year 2003 officially by doctors report it is suggested that steve Austin must not wreastle.........so he quit wreastling

Did Steve Perry of the band Journey die?

No. The internet is the home for many rumors, but there is no evidence that Steve Perry has died. He has battled some health issues, including severe arthritis, which has sometimes kept him out of the public eye, but he is very much alive.

What band was Steve Adler a part of?

Steve Adler was a drummer. He was part of a band called Guns N' Roses. He achieved worldwide fame success with the band during the late 1980s. He was also a co-songwriter of the band.

What movie and television projects has Steve Miller Band been in?

Steve Miller Band has: Played Themselves in "Midi Magazine" in 1968. Played Themselves in "Revolution" in 1968. Played Themselves in "Rock Concert" in 1973. Played Themselves in "The Arsenio Hall Show" in 1989. Played Themselves in "Later with Jools Holland" in 1992. Played Themselves in "Steve Mill ( Full Answer )

What year did Steve Vai start his first band?

After doing transcription for Frank Zappa starting in 1978, SteveVai auditioned for and joined Zappa's band officially sometime in1979 or early 1980, going on his first tour with the band in Fall1980. He started his own bands (The Classified and 777) in 1983-1984.

What bands was Steve Winwood in?

Spencer Davis Group Traffic Blind Faith Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse Ginger Baker's Air Force The Steve Winwood Band