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What happened to the world gift company popular in the 1970's?

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September 13, 2011 11:53AM

Not an answer but the same question that I would like to know... I have many pieces that my mother in law sold in the 50s... they have the engraving on the bottom, World Gift...

I am a former World Gift Distributor/Manager. I left the company in the late seventies and it was still very active at that time. It is my hope that someone will be able to answer the question; it was a great concept for it's time and introduced many imported items to the country. The exceptional thing about selling was that we knew how the items were made, something about the people who handcrafted them (most), how to use them in your home and stories behind the items. How many times can you learn this much about something you buy now? The company was headquartered In Dallas, Texas at 425 Regal Row. The founder was Dick Kelly. Perhaps this information may help someone else in their search.

I WOULD LIKE TO ADD: I also was a 'rep' and sold these items. I, myself, collected a lot of 'chandi'?? It was Indian brass plated in nickel and then carved. It never needed polishing. I have a huge beautiful collection and the funny thing is I can find no reference whatsoever to Chandi, pronounced 'shandee' anywhere on eBay or the net. Does anyone at all know anything about these items? Thank you