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What happened to women's roles after World War 2?

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world war 2Their lives changed forever

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What were Womens Role in World War 1?

womens roles were to heal th wounded and to kep them stron

What were traditional womens roles and jobs after world war 2?

Jobs in heavy industry

What are traditional womens' roles and jobs after World War 2?

being a prostitute

What were the roles of women after World War 1?

men relised that womens were the same mybe even beter

What was Womens roles in the World War 1?

Women were nurses. They also worked in factories while their husbands, brothers, and fathers were gone fighting in the war.

Why did roles change during World War 1?

the roles changed because they throught they should make whats most of life before another war happened and then world war 2 occurres

What was Womens roles in the Civil War?

.A constitutional amendment allowing women the right to vote.

How have womens' roles changed since the colonial period up until World War 2?

By World War 2, women were working mainstream jobs and taking on more responsibilities outside the home, since most men were off to war.

How did womens rights move around the world?

world war 2 gave a turn when womens rights were established

Did a Russian Womens Army liberate POWs in World War 2?

world war 1

What were womens' roles before world war 1?

Women were more often homemakers or worked small craft jobs before the World Wars. After World War II, so much changed because women had to work during the war to make up for the missing men in the workforce.

What were womens role in World War 2?

Women fulfilled many roles during World War II. They became the bread winners for their families, they took full time jobs working in factories and in businesses. In the Soviet Union, women fought alongside men during the war.

How have womens roles changed when males have been away from home such as during war or other long separations from the family?

women roles have changed because they cheat more now

What was womens fashion in world war 2?

Carki Trousers

What are the roles of the countries in world war 2?

roles of countries did not change during the war, they were the same as before and afterwards.

World wars in order they happened?

World War 1 happened first and World War 2 happened second.

Roles of world leaders in world war 1?


Britin's womens roles during World War 2?

As men left to fight the war, it was only left to women to take over their jobs. They did all of those hard metal works stuff making planes tanks and ammo supporting the Total war

What exactly happened to women's roles after World War 2?

women were more liberated than before, they were receiving nearly equal pay as they were to men

What were some womens fashion during world war 1?


Womens role during World War 2?

Sexual playthings.

Womens outfits during World War 2?

Not pretty. lol

An event that changed womens role?

E.g. the First World War.

How did World War 1 affect the womens suffrage movement?


What war happened after World War 2?

The Korean War happened after WW2.