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The Ghost was able to transport Scrooge to various scenes

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What happened as soon as Scrooge touched the ghosts robe?

he was transported with the ghost unseen by anyone

What happen when Scrooge touched the robe of the ghost?

By touching the robe Scrooge could be transported unseen to anywhere the ghost wished to go

What about when Scrooge touched the robe of his ghost?

By touching the robe of the Ghost of Christmas Present Scrooge would be transported everywhere with the spirit and see how others kept Christmas and kept its meaning

What happened to scrooge when he touched the robe of the ghost?

He was able to transported across the 12 days of Christmas and move unseen amid people in the present

What happend when Scrooge touched the robe of the ghost?

Scrooge was magically transported through time and space to different places completely invisible to those whose lives he was witnessing

What does Scrooge have to do to be able to fly?

He has to touch the robe of the ghost

How does Scrooge respond to the ghost of Christmas present?

He questions if the Children beneath thr robe has "no resource" meaning have they no money, food ?

How is Scrooge able to be transported by the spirit?

Its is never really stated in the original story except that Scrooge is instructed by the Ghost of Christmas Present to take hold of his robe. It is generally assumed that ghost can move on a differing plane to humans and cannot be seen

What color is the robe of ghost of the Christmas present?

it was a simple green robe

What does the spirit show Scrooge under his robe?

The Ghost of Christmas present reveals two children, a boy and a girl who are dressed in rags and are malnourished. The boy is Ignorance. The girl is Want.

When the second ghost came to Scrooge what was the scene?

scrooge was very nervous and was trembeling with fear but soon the jolly giant ghost game dressed in a green robe( mantel) trimmed with white fur. it was hanging so loosely his breast was exposed. he was bare on his feet but had a wreath around its neck. the ghost repedidly said come and know me better man he was upbeat and cheery and took scrooge to the cratchits house where there was a feast going on. tiny Tim was so loving in his time of need scrooge was moved and scared to see him die. he is named the ghost of Christmas present he followed the ghost of Christmas past and preceeded the ghost of xmas yet to come

Where did Scrooge put his hands?

On the Ghosts robe so that he might be safely transported

What does the spirit of Christmas yet to come look like?

The description is of a spirit dressed head to foot in a hooded robe. The only visible part of the ghost is one bony hand that is used to direct Scrooge

Who was the girl under the spirit's robe in A Christmas Carol?

The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge two starving children who travel with him beneath his robes and names the boy as Ignorance and the girl as Want.He explains to Scrooge that these are the children of mankind and that they should be avoided, especially Ignorance, or doom is imminent.

Why does the spirit say Scrooge should fear the children under the robe?

The children represented Want (the girl) and Ignorance (the boy). The ghost tells Scrooge that he should be aware of both but more importantly the boy (ignorance). The story is highlighting the scale of depravation , poverty homelessness around thee UK

What color was the robe of the Ghost of Christmas Past wearing?


What did the spirit and Scrooge touch in A Christmas Carol to cause them to move through space?

The ghosts robe

What is similar about ghost 2 and 3 from scrooge?

Nothing they are the complete opposite in their role and their appearance - The second ghost is a large rotund giant of a man who has a powerful laugh and aims to spread cheer to all he comes in to contact. The last ghost wears a robe that covers him completely he shows the dark site of scrooges future and says nothing throughout their experience

What does the second spirit warn Scrooge to beware of?

He shows Scrooge two children beneath his robe. The Boy is named Ignorance and the Girl is name Want. Scrooge is told beware of them both but beware most of the Boy (Ignorance)

What was the ghost of Christmas present wearing in a Christmas carol?

a Green Robe!

How does the second ghost appear to Scrooge?

The ghost of Christmas present appears a a larger than life man, wearing a robe of emerald green and a holly wreath for a hat. He carries a horn of plenty and around is waist is an empty sword scabbard used to symbolise peace. Surrounding him are a wealth of foods and Christmas fare

When did Battle of Little Robe Creek happen?

Battle of Little Robe Creek happened on 1858-05-12.

What are ten important events in A Christmas Carol?

The visit to Scrooge by Jacob Marley The visit of the Ghost of Scrooges Christmas Past Scrooge's realisation of how lonely he was at Christmas as a child The feeling of loss he has when Belle ends their engagement The visit of the Ghost of Christmas Present who opens Scrooge's eyes to the world around him The Ghosts start warning about Want and Ignorance The Ghost rebuff of Scrooge when asked if the children beneath the Ghosts robe have no resource The visit of the ghost of Christmas yet to come as "dead" Scrooges realisation that his death is imminent if he does not change Scrooges promise to change and live a better life thereafter

Where did the second ghost take Scrooge in the story 'A Christmas Carol'?

Speaking literally, Jacob Marley is the first ghost and The Ghost of Christmas Past is the second. However, you probably were referring to The Ghost of Christmas Present as the second ghost. This ghost takes Scrooge to his clerk Bob Cratchit's house and to his nephew Fred's house. Scrooge sees how sincerely both these men would like to be his friend and they speak well of him and only wish him the best.The ghost of Christmas present takes scrooge to his clerks Bob Cratchit's house to see that Tiny Tim is not at all well and the ghost takes him to his nephews house, {Fred}, to see that there playing a Christmas game, guess who i am, and Fred was it also he was pretending to be scrooge. Scrooge wasn't happy about that but he couldn't do anything about it.Back went the ghost and scrooge to his home.And next came the third ghost.Message: To have a better attitude, be nice to other people, and just to be overall happy.The spirit orders Scrooge to touch his robe. Upon doing so, the feast and the room vanish instantly and Scrooge finds himself alongside the spirit in the midst of the bustling city on Christmas morning. Blissful passersby take pleasure in the wondrous sights and smells abounding through the shop doors. People merrily shovel snow, tote bags of presents, and greet one another with a cheery "Merry Christmas!"The spirit then takes Scrooge to the meager home of Bob Cratchit, where Mrs. Cratchit and her children prepare a Christmas goose and savor the few Christmas treats they can afford. The oldest daughter, Martha, returns from her job at a milliner's. The oldest son, Peter, wears a stiff-collared shirt, a hand-me-down from his father. Bob comes in carrying the crippled young tyke, Tiny Tim, on his shoulders. The family is more than content despite its skimpy Christmas feast. Scrooge begs to know whether Tiny Tim will survive. The spirit replies that given the current conditions in the Cratchit house, there will inevitably be an empty chair at next year's Christmas dinner.The spirit takes Scrooge to a number of other Christmas gatherings, including the festivities of an isolated community of miners and a party aboard a ship. He also takes Scrooge to Fred's Christmas party, where Scrooge looses himself in the numerous party games and has a wildly entertaining time, though none of the party guests can actually see him. As the night unfolds, the ghost grows older. At last, Scrooge and the ghost come to a vast and desolate expanse. Here, the ghost shows Scrooge a pair of starving children who travel with him beneath his robes--their names are Ignorance and Want. Scrooge inquires if nothing can be done to help them. Mockingly, the ghost quotes Scrooge's earlier retort, "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses ?"The spirit disappears as the clock strikes midnight and Scrooge eyes a hooded phantom coming toward him.

Who are Ignorance and Want in A Christmas Carol?

These are the names of two children reveled from beneath the robe of the ghost of Christmas present. Scrooge wants to know whose children they are and is told " they are of mans making". Scrooge is told that the boy is ignorance and the girl is want. But scrooge should be very aware of the boy (ignorance) when scrooge sees their pitiful form, malnourished painfully thin and ragged Scrooge asks "do they have no one to care for them, have they no resource? He is rounded on by the ghost who bellows " are there no prison, are there no work houses?". This was to make scrooge see that there was a huge level of want all around him and his ignorance blinded him to the level of desperate deprivation around him. It was also a message about society's view of the poor. Many were starving, no work, sickness was rife and those who had the money and power to make changes were ignorant to the level of want