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Fireflies (Insect)

What happened when scientists added a firefly gene to a plant?

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Plant uses sunlight for photosynthesis. Firefly eats plant. Frog eats firefly.

Plant scientists are known as botanists. They study plants and plant processes.

You will get a plant-dragon, or so did I - it might happen that you will get a poison dragon. I think it is all about luck from your side :)

what do we call scientists who study plant

Scientists can transform plant cells by removing the plant cell walls and then mixing the cells with DNA. They uses bacterium and agrobacterium tumefaciens to inject DNA into the plant cells.

why is nitrogenous plant not added in soil in which liguminous plant grow

Yes, all the chemicals that we have today help scientists make plant food very similarly to a leaf or plant.

Botany, plant science(s), or plant biology is a branch of biology that involves the scientific study of plant life.

Firefly gets it's light by what is called as bioluminescence. In this phenomena, you get the light generated by animal, plant or some types of microorganisms. Here you get the light generated without production of the heat. In case of firefly you get the light intermittently. So that the the partner should be spotted, when light is on and the risk of being caught by the predator is reduced, when the light is off.

Plant Tycoon happened in 2009.

scientist get there cells from humans, plant and animals.

Pterophyta ( Ferns ) is one phylum. A vascular seedles plant.

"Vuurvliege" is a Dutch equivalent of "firefly" (Lampyridae family).The firefly tends to prefer a marshy environment or a moist, wooded habitat. The reason lies in the insect's appetite in its larval stage as a glow worm. Glow worms prey upon snails, slugs and other larvae.The adult insect in the flying stage may not need to eat. During its short life, the flying adult may live off the food reserves that the larval stage builds up internally. Otherwise, the flying adult may find nourishment in plant pollen or nectar and in water or plant dew.

A chloroplast is a part of a plant -> see added link!

it's the net weight a plant gains (without water), scientists can only find this out by killing the plant and the plant gains this energy through glucose (plant energy)

Scientists classify protists by whether they are more animal-like or plant-like.

Arabidopsis is used as a model for scientists when they change genes in other plants. This is because scientists have already mapped Arabidopsis' genome, thus allowing them to be able to change one gene about the plant and see how it effects the plant.

I think it has to be an embryo or it won't work. Plant embryos are inside the seed.

Japanese scientists found that the extraordinary growth of a certain rice plant was caused by gibberellins. In Japan there is a lot of rice grown.

The plant will start a new plant .

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