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What happened with Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien?

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In 2009, Jay Leno left The Tonight Show and was replaced by Conan O'Brien. Later that year, Leno launched his new NBC show, The Jay Leno Show. Because it was in prime time, Leno's show naturally started to get low viewing rates.

NBC then proposed an idea in which Leno would host a half hour program after the local news, and O'Brien would be pushed to midnight (ET). Instead of letting his program start half an hour later, O'Brien said "Go to Hell!" to NBC and left The Tonight Show, and the NBC network altogether in January 2010. After this, Leno returned to hosting The Tonight Show.

Late in 2010, it was announced that TBS had made an agreement with O'Brien for O'Brien to host a late night talk show which would air before Lopez Tonight. That November, O'Brien's new show, CONAN, premiered at 11:00 (ET) on TBS. His first guest was Seth Rogen.

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Leno was born in New York, Conan in Massachusetts.

When Jay Leno left The Tonight Show the first time, Conan O'Brien became the host but when Conan failed Jay Leno resumed hosting duties and when he left the second time, Jimmy Fallon took over as host.

Jimmy Kimmel dislikes Jay Leno because Jay came back to the Tonight Show after Conan took over.

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Well actually, Conan was the one who chose to leave the Tonight Show. What happened was The Jay Leno Show wasn't doing so good in prime time, so NBC wanted to move Conan to a later time to make room for Leno. Conan didn't like that. Instead of having The Tonight Show at a later time, Conan just decided to leave.

Conan O'Brien left The Tonight Show when NBC reneged on his deal and brought Jay Leno back to host it. Leno had moved to do a primetime show that didn't work out.

Jay Leno (b. April 28, 1950) is a talk show host. Starting in 1992, he was the host of NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. In 2009, Leno left The Tonight Show to be replaced by Conan O'Brien. He then launched a new NBC show called The Jay Leno Show. When O'Brien left the network in 2010 due to a timeslot conflict, Leno returned to The Tonight Showwhere he currently is.

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Jay Leno is the host of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". He was also the host of "The Jay Leno Show".

Most recently it was filmed in Los Angeles. However, as of January 2010, Conan O'Brien has left NBC and Jay Leno will take over his show.

Jay Leno has no children.

Jay Leno is 5' 11" tall.

Jay Leno was born on April 28, 1950.

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