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What happened with segregation of schools in 1930?

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people form ther races went to different schools. If you were black you were not allowed to go to white schools.

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Q: What happened with segregation of schools in 1930?
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Could someone give me some ideas on the segregation that's happening today like racial segregation that happened back then like there is segregation of homosexuality but someone in class is writing it?

segregation is happening in schools with education and back then there segregated in schools,restaurants,hotels,nieghborhoods.

What happened in the 1954?

supreme Court handed down a ruling that segregation in schools was indeed unequal

What happened during the time of the segregation?

Blacks were not allowed to interact with whites. They had to go to different schools and live different.

What did the supreme court decided in 1954?

schools needed to desegregate (apex)

What is an example of segregation?

An example of segregation would be having separate schools for blacks and whites.

Which of the following is not an example of segregation?

Integration of schools

How did the NAACP fight segregation?

Some ways that the NAACP fought segregation was:By fighting inequality in public schoolsBy proving that schools were not equalBy bringing lawsuits

Can You Give Me A Sentence With segregation?

Some of the schools around New York took up the idea of segregation.

Which reform was passed in the 1950s?

ending segregation in schools

What happened in the 1950s Birmingham Alabama?


What is segregation as it applies to life in the 1930's?

i dont freaking know?

What did Woodraw Wilson try and reform?

Ending segregation in schools

What is the practice of providing separate schools by racial groups?


What were the little rock nine accomplishments?

They ended segregation in schools

What were schools like in 1930?


In what year was segregation in schools made illegal?

The US Supreme Court declared segregation in pubic schools unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education, (1954), and ordered the schools integrated in Brown v. Board of Education II, (1955).

Why was segregation allowed to happen?

Segregation has always happened, and always will. The only way to stop segregation is to eliminate any kind of individuality within people.

What important events happened in the year 1930?

The1930 was the depression!

Why couldn't black people vote during the 1930's?

cos of segregation

How did ruby bridges change the world?

she changed segregation in the public schools.

Should schools be single gender?

no because its just like segregation

What is segregation de facto?

Segregation De Facto ( De Facto Segregation ) are racial laws that are practiced but not inforced by the government, therefore not really being a law at all. Mostly Segregation in the 1950's in schools and public areas.

What has the author Virgil T Blossom written?

Virgil T. Blossom has written: 'It has happened here' -- subject(s): African Americans, Lending library, Public schools, Segregation in education

What did the Supreme Court decide in 1954?

that segregation in schools was against the constitutionThat there should not be separate schools for black and white studentsThat schools should be desegregated.

In what year did the supreme court end segragation in schools?

On May 17,1954 the Supreme court ended or outlawed segregation in schools.