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people form ther races went to different schools. If you were black you were not allowed to go to white schools.

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Q: What happened with segregation of schools in 1930?
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Could someone give me some ideas on the segregation that's happening today like racial segregation that happened back then like there is segregation of homosexuality but someone in class is writing it?

segregation is happening in schools with education and back then there segregated in schools,restaurants,hotels,nieghborhoods.

What happened in the 1954?

supreme Court handed down a ruling that segregation in schools was indeed unequal

What happened during the time of the segregation?

Blacks were not allowed to interact with whites. They had to go to different schools and live different.

How did LULAC challenged segregation in public schools?

LULAC challenged segregation in public schools by filing lawsuits.

How did LULAC challenge segregation in public schools?

LULAC challenged segregation in public schools by filing lawsuits.

What did the supreme court decided in 1954?

schools needed to desegregate (apex)

Which of the following is not an example of segregation?

Integration of schools

What is an example of segregation?

An example of segregation would be having separate schools for blacks and whites.

What was An issue addressed by the Gentlemen's Agreement between Japan and the US was?

Segregation of Japanese in the United States schools

What did the Supreme Court decide in 1954?

that segregation in schools was against the constitutionThat there should not be separate schools for black and white studentsThat schools should be desegregated.

Which reform was passed in the 1950s?

ending segregation in schools

How did lulac segregation in public schools?

filed lawsuits

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