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What happens after a nebula contracts and its temperature increases to 10 million K?


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A supernova occurs.

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Somewhere around that temperature, nuclear fusion will start.

it's over 9000!!! ___________________ WAY over 9000l Stellar fusion won't occur until the core temperature of the star is 5 MILLION degrees. The proto-star gets to this extremely high temperature by gravitational compression; as more hydrogen falls in to the almost-star, the gravitational pressure increases and increases, which increases the temperature as the gas is compressed.

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Gravity causes the hydrogen molecules to gather together, this causes a strong gravitation pull towards the centre mass, more hydrogen atoms are attracted. Eventually a protostar is formed. As the mass of the protostar increases, the temperature and pressure at the centre increases. When the temperature reaches 10 million degrees Kelvin fusion starts and a star is born.

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