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What happens after court proceedings have been filed in Florida if you have little or no income and had the vehicle voluntarily repossessed?


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You NEED to show up with proof of your little to no income. This is your chance to convince the lender that the chances of repayment are slim to none. If you dont show, they get a default judgement.


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You may still end up owing a lot of money on it ,and you won't have it ! State laws vary on this - better to negotiate a settlement of some kind.

You are lucky. If you cannot make the payments contact the lender and try and work something out. If not voluntarily turn the car in yourself. You will save yourself the repossession fees.

Chris, I dont know the answer to the question YET. I will find out today. Email me latyer on and Ill have it for you. What does the lender "say" they will do???

You end up with HORRIBLE credit if you don't pay your bills and you let your possessions get repossessed.

Normally your credit is ruined for 7 years.

You will also be liable for any deficiency balance

Edit: They should replace it. Original: you win.

READ your lease contract. It should specify the results of repossession.

They get resold as used cars to make some of the money back.

You do not want your car repossessed for any reason! it will ruin your credit, you will still have to pay for it once it sells for less than what you owe at auction, and eventually a repossession catches up to you! What you can do to save your car is contact *CAR HELP USA* tHIS company will lower car payments, lower interest rates, get you current with your auto loan, stop repossession, refinance, and save your car! You will need to act quickly as a volunrarily repossession does not answer ANYTHING!

Same thing that happens to the buyer. Lender persues their legal options to collect the balance due.

confession happens voluntarily, guillty plea after being charged.

Yes. For any amounts not recovered insluding repo costs.

The vehicle will be repossessed and the leasor will be held responsible for the unpaid balance of the lease.

Florida happens to be a recourse state.

It is only the entities who are involved in the Testator's life that can contest a will. When the will is contested, the due legal proceedings will have to be followed.

If you do not surrender yourself voluntarily, a bench warrant for your arrest will be issued.

I can can be legally repossessed no matter where it goes in the USA. As long as the repossessor can find the car and identify it as the one to be repossessed. It may not be cost effective if it is a long distance unless the vehicle is of greater value than the cost of returning it and paying someone to do that. They can also wait until you return.

It depends on what the new owner plans to do with your unit. You can ask the current owner if he knows.

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