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When you complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Ranger almost everybody goes to your party. When you capture Snorlax - thus completing your Browser - Spenser summons you to the Ringtown Ranger base. There, everybody that you have met on your journey (excluding townspeople and the Go-Rock Squad) is assembled to offer you congratulations. They all say your praises and Spenser remakes that you are the first and only Ranger to complete the Browser. He gives you a special symbol which is added to your summary screen from now on. After this, the game is essentially over. If you haven't completed the Manaphy Egg Mission, that is the only thing left to do. Otherwise, it is up to you.

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What happens when you complete the browser on Pokemon Ranger 2?

Chairsperson Erma atatches a symbol on your Styler.

How do you catch Snorlax in Pokemon Ranger?

You complete the browser by having all 209 Pokemon excluding the ones from the ranger net.

In Pokemon ranger shadows of almia what does the complete browser look like?

A complete browser has every Pokemon that lives in almia in it including Regice regirock registeel and regigigas.

Pokemon ranger shadows of almia how do you complete browser?

That's easy, just capture every Pokemon you see.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon Ranger?

In order to wake it up you have to get all Pokemon in the bowser. how do you complete the browser?

How do you complete the browser in Pokemon Ranger without finding the Pokemon?

that's easy its impossible How about this... Stop being lazy and actually catch the Pokemon

What happens when you complete the almia browser?

Go to chairperson Erma at the ranger union and she will give you a adorable pickachu stamp

Is there a reggigigas in Pokemon Ranger?

yes but you have to fill the browser(this is for ranger 2)

How do you find regigigis in Pokemon Ranger?

Regigigis can only be found on Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. As far as I know it is not on Pokemon Ranger 1. I played through the whole game and I never saw him on it. i have the handbook, you have to complete all of the quests and fill youre browser 100%

How do you fight Lugia in Pokemon ranger guardian sign?

after you complete the browser go see rand and there will be a short movie and you will face lugia

What do you do when you beat all the quests in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

complete your browser, then go to Rand's house for the last pokemon: the Lugia mission to save Blue Eyes!

Pokemon ranger shadows of almia where did you find r-112 in the ranger browser?

You find it in Peril Cliffs (the Pokemon is Spearow).

What do you do after you complete the ranger browser in Pokemon ranger 2?

Well if you have not caught regigigas in the haruba desert temple (i cant remember the name) then you could do that but if you have then only thing you can do is nothing... (or you could restart your game)

Where can you get the full browser for Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

u need to catch all of the Pokemon in the browser i would check www.serebii.com they have all the oblivia Pokemon

Where do you find number 10 in your ranger browser on Pokemon ranger?

you can find hoppip in the lyra forest by venasaur

Where do you get manaphay in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to trade it from Pokemon ranger after you complete it. it is a special mission on the ranger net.

What Pokémon is after Registeel in Pokémon Ranger 2?

the Pokemon that is after Registeel in the ranger browser is Regigigas ( you can only get him after you capture all 266 other Pokemon )

What is Pokemon 103 in the Pokemon Ranger browser?

porygon you can get him in the dusk factory after you catch the lendary dog

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