What happens before period?


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you usually get break-out, cramps, tired, breasts hurts, bloated, and PMS.

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The only thing that happens exactly one month befor a woman's period is her previous period.

Not much unless you overdo it, in which case you have your period and a hangover.

If this happens a day or a few hours before your period then this is normal.

it will just tell you if you are pregnant or not

Yes. A period happens at the end of a fertility cycle. A girl is able to get pregnant before her first period.

This happens to me too. It just means that your period is early. Nothing more really.

No one has a 'perfect' period... It's normal for your cycle to change a bit, hence getting your period a few days before expected. No worries

What happens is related to what has been going on before the period. The outcome of any relationship is as the result of what the couple put in.

You might have some minor stomach cramps (these get worse when you're on your period) and/or minor back pains ~x

I'm not sure whether u mean a period but if u do no. It happens after your first since your body is developing in to a teenager

Do you mean the white stuff? This is from the egg and it happens at ovulation, when the egg is released

This is caused by fluctuating hormones, it is normal and happens to many women.

that happens before you get it! you only get it when it's just blood.

Yes. The same things happens with my girlfriend. Her breasts become very sensitive a few days before her period.

Reproduction can occur as soon as you are adolescent, that is the definition of adolescence, when a child is turning into an adult. It happens to different girls at different ages, from 9 to 18, but usually around 11-13. You can get pregnant before a period occurs as you ovulate before a period.

no, impossible. You have to have your period before you can get pregnant. Your first sign of puberty can be ovulation which happens before you get your first period so yes, even if there are no signs of puberty you might already be in it.

If by thirteen, you've started your period, then yes. But, you can get pregnant before you start, but that very rarely happens.

It is called a discharge. Discharge happens to girls before the hit there first period.

My answer you usually are really tired and just want to sleep. from Serena Edwards felker

your clothes may be ruined as blood will explode from your body in a volcanic like explosion

You can have a baby, or you get your period.

it is discharge it only happens before your periodyour about ready to get your periodwell it means you are about to have your period it is called dischargeIt's just discharge. It changes depending on where you are in your cycle.

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