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During a solar eclipse, the moon comes between the sun and the earth, blocking view of the sun from some parts of the earth by casting its shadow. The longest this lasts in any one place on the earth's surface is about 6 minutes, but the alignment of sun, moon and earth that throws the moon's shadow on the earth can last for several hours while the shadow moves across the earth's surface.

Adjacent to those places where the sun's disk is totally blocked, where the eclipse is said to be total, there is a wider zone where the sun is never totally blocked, and there the eclipse is said to be partial. Even in places where the eclipse is eventually total, there are times before and after totality when the eclipse is partial.

While it is safe to look directly at a total solar eclipse, which is a very spectacular event, care must be taken to avoid looking directly at a partial solar eclipse. The portion of the sun that is not blocked by the moon during a partial eclipse is so bright that, even though it may not be painful, it can burn the retina (light-sensing cells in the back of your eyeball) literally before you can blink. Depending on severity, such burns can take months to heal, or can be permanent, resulting in vision defects or blindness.

Solar eclipses are rare in any one place, but occur somewhere in the world, generally twice every year. (See the catalog of all solar eclipses from 2000 BCE to 3000 AD on the NASA Eclipse Web Page, linked below.)

Indirect viewing of a partial solar eclipse can be accomplished by using a telescope or binoculars to project the sun's image on a screen, or by using a pinhole camera projector. NEVER view the sun directly through a telescope or binoculars unless you have a proper solar filter attached . Exposed film is inadequate and should never be used. Most welders goggles are also insufficient.

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Q: What happens during a solar eclipse?
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How is a solar eclipse different from lunar eclipse?

A solar eclipse only happens during the day and at a new moon, while a lunar eclipse only happens at night when the moon is full.

Whats the difference between a solar and lunar eclipses?

A solar eclipse is an eclipse of the sun and happens during the day. A Lunar eclipse is an eclipse of the moon and happens at night.

What happens if you were born on the eclipse?

Nothing will happen if you are born during a solar or lunar eclipse.

What happens during solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves in front of the sun as seen from a location on Earth. During a solar eclipse it gets dimer outside as more of the sun is covered by the moon. During a total eclipse, the entire sun is covered for a few minutes and it becomes very dark outside. The temperature outside also drops.

What happens during a total solar eclipse?

The entire area becomes completely dark as a normal solar eclipse woulddo to a certain area.

What is the phase of the moon during these eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens only at New Moon. A lunar eclipse happens only at Full Moon.

What is the difference between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse?

a lunar eclipse happens at night, and a solar eclipse happens in the morning

What phase can you see during a total solar eclipse?

There are two major types of solar eclipses: total solar eclipses, annular eclipse, hybrid eclipse, and partial solar eclipses. You can see a total solar eclipse one-hundred percent of the time. You can see a hybrid solar eclipse from certain locations depending on when it happens. And only sometimes you can see a partial solar eclipse.

What happens during an eclipse?

when a solar eclipse happens the sun is perfectly alined with the moon. when this happens the moon blocks the sun causing the sun to show no light.

What happens to the sun moon and earth during a solar eclipse?

During a solar eclipse, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are all lined up exactly, so that the shadow of the Moon hits the Earth.

Does solar power work during an eclipse?

It would during a solar eclipse, but probably not during a lunar eclipse.

How is solar eclipse different from a lunar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is where the moon moves in front of the sun causing a shadow across part of earth and a lunar eclipse is where the earth's shadow covers the moon. A solar eclipse also happens during the day while a lunar eclipse occurs at night.

What happens when it is a lunar eclipse?

The earth is in between the sun and moon during a lunar eclipse, In a solar eclipse the moon is between earth and the sun.

What phase is the moon in during a lunar and solar eclipse?

During a lunar eclipse it will be a full moon, and during a solar eclipse it will be a new moon.

Does a lunar eclipse happen at daytime or nighttime?

daytime, because a Solar Eclipse always happens during the night, of course.

What happens on a solar eclipse?

On a solar eclipse is like a person in front of the t.v you can't see anything. That's the same with the moon and sun. WARNING: never look at the sun during a solar eclipse. You are going to damage your eyes.

What is hidden for a short time during a solar eclipse?

The sun is hidden during a solar eclipse

What happens when you are in the moons shadow?

Then you see a solar eclipse.Then you see a solar eclipse.Then you see a solar eclipse.Then you see a solar eclipse.

What happens during the new moon phase when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth?

A solar eclipse happens.

What really happens during an eclipse?

Solar eclipse: The Moon gets between us and the Sun. Lunar eclipse: The Moon gets into Earth's shadow.

What is the order of an aligment during a solar eclipse?

During a solar eclipse, the Moon is directly in between the Sun and the Earth; a solar eclipse is the Moon's shadow falling on the Earth.

What happens if you have food during solar eclipse?

You will probably go to the bathroom sooner than if you had not eaten.

Why does a total solar eclipse happen?

It happens when the moon passes over the sun during orbit.

What phase of the moon is it possible to see a solar eclipse from the earthif the moon happens to be crossing the plane of the earth's orbit at that time?

The Moon phase during a solar eclipse would be a New Moon.

When the moon's shadow falls on part of the earth?

During a solar eclipse.During a solar eclipse.