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Here is a simplified list of different changes that will occur during puberty:

In Males:

Stage I

- Prepubertal appearance

- Testicular volume less than 1.5 ml

- Penis 3 cm or smaller

Stage II

- Small amount of light downy hair at the base of the penis and scrotum

- Scrotum skin thins

- Testicles continue to enlarge (up to 6 ml)

- Scrotal enlargement begins

- Penis size remains unchanged

Stage III

- Pubic hair begins to darken and become more coarse

- Pubic hair begins to extend from just above penis to more of a triangle shape

- Testicular size around 6-12 ml

- Scrotum continues to enlarge

- Penis begins to enlarge, first in width, then in length (up to about 6 cm)

- Due to increased hormone secretion, 70% develop breasts temporarily

Stage IV

- Pubic hair has quality of adult, but has not extended to the legs

- Testicular volume about 12-20 ml

- Scrotum continues to enlargen

- Scrotum begins to darken in color

- Penis continues to enlarge, first in length (up to about 10 cm), then in width

- Due to increased hormone secretion, 70% develop breasts temporarily

Stage V

- Pubic hair extends to medial thigh

- Testicular volume 18-20 ml or larger

- Adult sized and colored scrotum

- Penis length around 15 cm

- Gynecomastia, if present, regresses


In Females

Stage I

- No pubic hair at all

- Prepubertal appearance

- No breast gland tissue present

- Areola is not elevated above skin of the chest

Stage II

- Small amount of long downy hair beginning to grow on labia majora

- Breast buds form

- Small area of glandular tissue in breast is present

- Areola begins to get larger

- Menarche often occurs in late stage I or in stage II

Stage III

- Pubic hair begins to darken and become more curly and coarse

- Pubic hair begins to spread to pons pubis and then laterally

- Breast begins to elevate above surface of chest

- Breast development beyond borders of aerola

Stage IV

- Adult-like pubic hair on mons pubis, but does not extend to upper thigh

- Increased breast size and elevation

- Areola develops a second elevated region that extends beyond the plane of the rest of the breast.

Stage V

- Adult pubic hair distribution and texture

- Breast is adult in size

- Areola's secondary elevated region begins to regress to the same plane as the rest of the breast

- Papilla remains projected

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Q: What happens during female and male puberty?
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Maybe your external genitals can grow This can be a social change for BOTH, Male and Female genders during puberty. PUBERTY AND PREGNANCY.INC

What is in your blood that makes you start growing fast during puberty?

It is male and female hormones on the increase that helps you grow quicker during puberty.

What are the emotional and social changes between male and female during puberty?

they fall in love.

What are commons changes which occur during puberty in male and female both?

Pubic hair

What is the function of female puberty?

The function of both male and female puberty is to sexually mature

What are the types of puberty?

female and male

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What are changes in male and female characteristics during puberty or adolescence?

boys start feeling funny..... down there

What is the two word seen on both male and female during puberty especially in the pubic region and armpits?

There is a growth of pubic hair. This happens due to the testosterone flowing through the body.

What are the changes in male and female characteristic during puberty or adolescent?

Lots of things like your face hair you name it

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Male puberty generally happens around age 12 to 14.... There are, however - always exceptions.

What happens to a boys hormones during the end of his puberty?

Hormones are always present in everybody, male or female, child or adult. All that changes is that the body learns to adjust to the levels of hormones differently.

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