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What happens if a Guinea pig cant poo?


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The guinea pig would become more and more ill until the guinea pig might be prone to other problems and maybe even die.

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yes it is it can be brown too but it cant be black like my guinea pig

This is because that Guinea Pig is not litter trained.A Litter trained Guinea Pig poops only in a certain place or things.

I have to say, there is no trick for litter training your Guinea Pig. My Guinea Pigs poo in the corner and that's where they've pooped since I got them.

Because he don't know where to poo.A Litter trained Guinea Pig know where to poo.They only poo in a certain place.

yes you could use it in your garden as a compost.

If your guinea pig is an old male, he may have weakened muscles near his bottom so he can't poo. You have to push it out with a friend so one can hold the guinea pig and the other can get the faeces out.

As gross as it sounds, Guinea Pig dropping are a wonderful source of compost for your garden. Although, on the other hand, their wee is just the opposite!

im not quite sure but it could poo at least 30 times a day.

guinea pigs literally have a pea sized bladder, so it does not take a lot for the guinea pig to poop.

They don't poo out jelly beans . There poo may be the shape of jelly beans ...that's just the way there bottom is shaped

The poo can be, but not the bedding, the bedding is better off being taken to the tip, or put in your dustbin/trashcan.

It probably means that it has bean eating to much lettuce

not eating or drinking, weaker,sleepy,doesnt talk much,runny poo if your guinea pig has any of theese signs then contact your local doctor i hope i helped

it probably means that they are sick and you should take it to the vet immediatly, if you guinea pig doesn't poo then that means you need to give it some lettuce with olive oil or apple skin

Both of them are rodents. they both do #1 and # 2(pee and poo) honestly!

No, it just means that you are feeding the guinea pig too much. I have a guinea pig that had the same thing, but now that I feed him less. Like I said before, your guinea pig should be fine. Another reason why might be because they poo more when they are frightened or scared. I had the same thing.

yes it is a natural and normal thing because as guinea pigs grow their poo gets longer or fatter and grows along with it. it wouldn't make sense if your a giant and your poo is tiny. if it doesn't eat enough then it's poo will be shorter in length. the answer to your question is "normal"

you should see them having trouble pooing like taking a looong time to poo.

it may be because of your guinea pigs diet but it can be a lot of things like if it is ill its poo may be hard and big cheak your guinea pigs poo when you clean it out and make sure it looks ok and if your guinea pig is pregnant or has recently had babies it will just be that

i guess it's not really very unusual as i have a guinea pig my self, but they do eat their poo as it is still as nutritious as it first was as the vegetable/fruit (whole)

Does your guinea pig look active? Is your guinea pig pooing regularly. guinea pigs will try to hide signs of pains as a way to protect themselves so look closely! Also check for clear eyes and check if its poo is firm and see if your guinea pig's stomach is bloated or swollen. If you see these or other signs, contact a vet immeddledly! Hope this helps!

pig poo and cow poo and you

they eat ginny pig poo, goat poo and hamster poo.

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