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As a US citizen, you can sponsor an alien for U.S. Green Card application for the the immediate relatives of a U.S. citizen, such as your wife.

But as a convicted criminal, most likely you are in jail, with little or no income. So it is difficult for you to "sponsor" an alien financially. The USCIS Form I-864 - Affidavit of Support is required for family-sponsored Immigration. An affidavit of support is a guarantee to U.S. government that an immigrant will not become a public charge. SO you may need a a co-sponsor for her financial sponsor for Form I-864 if needed.

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Q: What happens if a US citizen gets convicted of a crime before their alien spouse gets their green card?
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What happens when a permanent citizen of America gets married to a Jamaican citizen?

They are officially married. One spouse can sponsor the other for immigration to his or her country.

How long must you reside in the US before you become a citizen?

Continuously for 5 years (spouse of a US Citizen, 3 years)

Can a US citizen divorce his spouse who does not want a divorce?

yes, if the citizen thinks that his spouse his annoying

What happens when you marry an American citizen?

You just become eligible to apply for green card sponsor by your spouse.

Is a UK citizen who marries a US citizen automatically a US citizen?

No, your spouse would have to sponsor you for naturalization. Besides, it will take time before the "partner" is allowed to enter the USA.

How many years can someone file for citizenship if spouse dies before getting his green card?

How many years after can someone file for his citizenship if his spouse died before himgetting his green card? She was us citizen

Do INS do a background check on a US citizen when they sponsor their immigrant spouse?

Immigration officials certainly do a background check on a US citizen sponsoring a foreign spouse. They are mainly interested in whether the marriage is legitimate. If the US citizen has married and sponsored other people before, this may raise red flags.

If us citizen and foreign citizen divorce does foreign citizen lose citizenship?

That depends on whether the foreigner actually was actually a spouse, or just a holder of a spouse visa (green card).

Does the spouse of a permanent US citizen retain permanent citizenship after the spouse dies?

No, he is no longer married to a citizen so no longer has citizen status; unless he has applied for and completed the citizenship process to become a citizen in his own right.

Can bounced cheques in Dubai affect Canadian pr application for spouse?

Depends on whether the spouse was convicted.

What can a US citizen do to keep her illegal immigrant spouse from being deported back to Mexico?

The citizen spouse has no recourse to the action as US immigration laws no longer allow a citizen spouse to apply for residency for an illegal immigrant spouse. The Mexican national will have to leave the US and file under the required USCIS regulations for reentry.

What was the 1995 gift tax exclusion?

US Citizen spouse: unlimited. Non-citizen spouse: $100,000 Others: $10,000

Do you have to be an American to join the CIA?

Have to be a US Citizen and if you have a spouse, they must be a citizen of the US also.

Can a Canadian citizen living in the US with their US citizen spouse apply for Canadian immigration for their spouse and does the spouse have to give up their US citizenship?

Yes s/he can sponser a spouse. For the method please refer to: As far as giving up citizenship: it is not required that the spouse give up citizenship. The US basically considers the spouse a US citizen and if they have citizenship in another country that is irrelevant to the US.

What could happen to a US citizen that is married to an illegal immmigrant if the immigrant spouse is deported?

If the marriage is legitimate the citizen spouse will not encounter any problems with authorities. If the foreign national spouse was not permanently deported, the citizen spouse can apply for his or her reentry once the imposed time limit has expired. If the marriage is found to be one of 'convenience' the sole purpose being to enable the immigrant spouse to obtain permanent residency and citizenship, the citizen spouse can be found charged with committing a federal felony. If such is the case, the best option for the citizen spouse is to retain (or at least obtain) legal counsel from a qualified immigration attorney, and refrain from discussing the matter with anyone (especially authorities) until that has been done.

If a non-US citizen marries a US citizen while in a foreign country can the non-US citizen work and live in the US?

The non-US citizen spouse must obtain a visa before entry and is subject to immigration requirements. (Marriage doesn't convey citizenship, but helps).

How many years does it take for a person to become a citizen and for a spouse of a citizen to become one?

2 years

How to get uk citizenship easily?

You can easily become a UK citizen if your spouse or civil partner is a British citizen.

If you wanted to bring your soon to be bride from Europe to the states after marriage is she given citizenship?

Yes ! Assume your question refers to a US Citizen, who has married OUTSIDE of the US, and their spouse moves to the US with the intent of living with their spouse - a US Citizen, and becoming a US Citizen, as well. BEFORE a US Citizen brings their spouse to the US, the US citizen must file a form and a petition with the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office in the United States. There are conditions which both spouses must meet. Once the USCIS approves the petition, it sends the petition to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC contacts the US Citizen, and their spouse - WHO AT THIS POINT, IS STILL LIVING in Europe. The Embassy of the country where the spouse resides will be contacted for a background check. There are also fees, and a medical examination which needs to be completed (with the Spouse living out of the US), fees, and other conditions, ALL subject to approval. Once your spouse is legally given a Visa to come to the US, there are additional procedures to follow, depending on the circumstances. It is a LONG involved process, just to obtain a Visa for the spouse. If your goal is that your spouse eventually becomes a US citizen, additional procedures must be FOLLOWED EXACTLY as instructed by the USCIS or you RISK having your spouse deported. Even small mistakes made years after you've married can prevent your spouse from obtaining the final status of a US Citizen. It is a VERY good idea to hire an Immigration Attorney (not a consultant!) and let your Attorney direct you. It is very likely that you have to petition, and apply for an IR1 or CR1 for your spouse. See: Immigrant Visa for a Spouse (IR1 or CR1)

Does a US citizen have to legally divorce their non US citizen spouse?

If the US recognizes marriage in the non-US country (I am not aware of any that are not recognized), then yes, you need to get divorced before you can re-marry in the US.

How does an American marry an illegal Mexican in Florida?

There are not laws that prevent a citizen from marrying a foreign national who is unlawfully present in the U.S. It is unlikely that an undocumented immigrant would have the identification required by state law, such as a SS#. Be that as it may, the citizen spouse would not be able to file an application for the non-citizen spouse's permanent resident status, because he was in the country illegally. The non-citizen spouse must return to Mexico and the required USCIS laws must be followed before he can legally reenter the U.S. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

Can an Indian Citizen marry an Australian Citizen and become an Australian Citizen?

The only ways to be an Australian citizen is 1. to be born in Australia or 2. apply for citizenship, undergoing the necessary instruction. People from other countries who marry Australian citizens may live here, but if something happens to their spouse, they must return to their country unless they have formally become a citizen.

Can a Canadian citizen become an Australian citizen by marrying an Australian citizen?

The only ways to be an Australian citizen is 1. to be born in Australia or 2. apply for citizenship, undergoing the necessary instruction. People from other countries who marry Australian citizens may live here, but if something happens to their spouse, they must return to their country unless they have formally become a citizen.

What happens when a woman is pregnant and her spouse does drugs?

She leaves her spouse.

Can I file joint taxes if my spouse is not an American citizen?

Yes, if your spouse has a Taxpayer Id. I would not bring attention to your spouse if they are here illegally.