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They will mast likely get into really bad trouble. They can go to jail, but it depends on what type of drug it is.

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Q: What happens if a child takes drugs to school?
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What happens in the Olympics if someone takes drugs?

they would be disqualified!

What happens if a child takes a 10mg dose of amoxicillin?

Nothing unless the child has an allergy

What happens if a child under 3 takes ovranette?

They die.

What happens if the child protective services takes kids away from a parent Can they get them back What if the single parent is on drugs Will the kids be safe from the parent?

child services would not let the parent have their kid back because that kid could die because of their parents

What happens to a unborn baby if the mother takes illegal drugs?

They're deformed or they may web die!

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does Hannah Montana takes drugs

Is it bad to take exctacy when pregnant?

Anyone that takes any drugs while they are pregnant should not have a child. They are already unfit parents. Drugs can very quickly destroy a strong, developed mind. What do you think they will do to an unborn child?

What happens if a child under 18 takes alli- weight loss pills?

....they will get loopy and disoriented

What happens if a Olympian takes drugs?

If an Olympian is caught taking drugs during the urine-testing, they will be disqualified from the Olympic games, taken off the team, and fined for abusing the rules.

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a student council historian is a child you takes photos of there school. they also are in charge of the school newspaper.

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Why might a child be born addicted to drugs?

Whatever the mother of the child eats, drinks, inhales etc, the child eats, drinks inhales etc because it is all passed through the unbillical cord to the baby. So when the mother takes drugs, they are passed to the baby. It's genetics.

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