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That small piece can get you pregnant

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Can you get pregnant with a condom on for 3 minutes?

You can not get pregnant if a condom is used during the whole time that the penis was in the vagina.

What happens when you go anal to vagina?

If you have anal sex first and then do a vagina sex, without a condom you are likely to get a serious infection.

How do doctors get the condom out if they can't see it?

Usually you can see a condom in the vagina without difficulty after inserting a speculum. It's also a simple matter to feel for the condom using gloved fingers. If the condom can't be seen during a speculum exam, it's not in the vagina.

How does the penis get in the vagina during sex?

The man gets an erection and places his penis into the woman's vagina during sex. Preferably, his penis would have a condom on it.

How do you know if the condom breaks during intercourse?

You take the penis out of the vagina and see if it's broken

Is it dangerous if the condom stays in the vagina?

Yes. The condom should be removed.

Do women need condoms?

If a man is wearing a condom then generally no. But there is such thing as a femidom which slips into the vagina. And works as a condom. If a man is wearing a condom then generally no. But there is such thing as a femidom which slips into the vagina. And works as a condom.

What does it mean when the condom slips off in a woman during intercourse?

Condom is too big or woman vagina is too tight ans snatched it off. LOL

How does a condom slip off?

If it's too big it can slip off during the motion of going in and out of the vagina.

Why does a condom slip off and remains in the vagina?

the vagina acts as a vacum sucking the condom up slightly and will then to come off the penis if it has softened slightly before coming out of vagina

What happens if you used a condom and the guy came twice while the condom was on?

The purpose of a condom is to avoid during coitus, the transmittal of the male's seminal fluid into the female vagina, thus allowing coupling but preventing pregnancy. One concern is that in order to avoid such transmittal, the condom must remain taunt around the male's penis. If after one ejaculation, the penis becomes less rigid, "leakage" may occur onto the condom and then if copulation continues the "leaked" seminal fluid may be transferred to the vagina. It might be advisable to change condoms after each ejaculation.

How does a condom acts as the birth control method?

A condom prevents the sperm from entering the vagina.

What are symptoms of a condom being stuck in your vagina?

Your hips expand, and eventually your vagina will burst.

What do you do when a condom is lost inside of a vagina?

Usually you can just pull it out with your fingers. However, if you are positive the condom is still in the vagina but cannot located it, then a doctor should be contacted.

What is the possibility of getting pregnant if the condom was inside but the opening was outside the vagina?

If the condom came of but the open end of it was outside the vagina there is little or no chance of getting pregnant.

If you use a condom does semen still flow back out of the vagina?

If the man uses a condom, it will catch all of his sperm. If the condom didn't break, there's no sperm in the vagina - so if something is flowing out - it isn't sperm.

Condom coming off?

This is dangerous as along with the condom semen and the sperm may fall in the vagina.

Can you still get pregnant if he came in the condom?

No so long as none of his semen came out of the condom into the Vagina.

Can a woman tell if you are wearing a condom?

YES! the walls of the vagina get no touch from the penis if a condom is used

If he ejaculates in the condom and he is still in you can the semen seep out and get you pregnant?

It is not very likely that semen will seep out of the condom, but it is a possibility. This is why it is best to remove the penis from the vagina directly after he ejaculates in the condom, and while the penis is still hard. Do not let the penis get limp inside of the vagina with a condom on!!!

Is it safe to go from the vagina to the anus during sex?

It is safe to go from the vagina to the anus during sex. But if you go from the anus BACK to the vagina, bacteria from the anus can cause urinary tract infection or bladder infection. Use a condom. Make sure you use a new condom when going from anus to vagina during sex. If you are trying to conceive, make sure the male cleanses his penis with mild soap and warm water before making the switch back to vaginal sex.

What happens to sperm if you don't wear a condom and shes on the pill?

They die eventually. One theory says the vagina ejects some of the sperm.

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