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Nothing problematic. Milk is a nutrient intended for mammals. As such, it's pretty harmless, and sometimes beneficial stuff, regardless of species. That is absolutly correct. The only issue that may occur, is an upset stomach, and temporary constipation or diareha. Any change, or unusual additions to their diet will make them suffer an upset stomach. Unless he has an allergy to milk, then the reaction will be much different. I'd just keep my eyes open, anytime my dog got any unplanned food, just to make sure that any discomfort that might occur goes away prompty.

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Q: What happens if a dog accidentally drinks cat milk?
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What do cat drinks?

WATER ....................and milk when they are kittens

What do you do when the cat drinks the milk in 24 caroott island?

Once the cat drinks the milk, it will follow you anywhere. Then, you can bring it to Charlie's Tool Shop, and she will reward you. Good luck!

What happens if your cat drinks from your fish bowl?

nothing happens

What happens if a cat drinks soap?

he/she will get poisoned

What will happen when human drinks milk drank by cat?


Is it okay to give your cat milk?

If it is a kitten, the cat can drink milk for its mother's stomach. Although, as the cat gets older, if it no longer drinks its mother's milk, you shouldn't give it milk. I have read in numerous cat books that the kitten/cat may get a stomach ache if you do give it regular milk.

How do you know if a cat is boy or girl?

Put a bowl of milk in front of it, if he drinks it ,it's a boy, if she drinks it its a girl.

What happens if a cat drinks Kahlua?

Contrary to popular belief cats are in fact lactose-intolerant. You should never give a cat whole milk it can make them sick. Kahlua shouldn't be given to a cat it can make them sick.

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He starts meowing in russian.

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Some cows milk on occasion will have no adverse effect on a cat, but it is too rich for a cat to drink on a regular basis. You will never see a grown cat in the wild drinking anything other than water, and that's what house cats should also drink on a daily basis for optimum care of their liver.

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if a cat drinks too much toilet water it can start vomiting

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