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This is a nice size. Your wife will love it.

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What happens when penis enters vagine does foreskin gets torn?

No. The vagina is soft and not hard. Your penis is supposed to have a foreskin so nothing will get hurt.

Why does it hurt when your penis is hard but then goes limp but keeps the length?

Painful erections can be signs of a number of different issues. See a doctor.

What happens if the girl's period gets on the guy's penis?

You get a red penis, until you wash it off. It won't hurt you.

Does sex hurt for a girl?

No it does not hurt a girl when she is having sex her virgina is to transmitted to a mans penis if it the penis is transmitted to the virgina it gives her a relaxing sensasion just like an male has but also when you insert the penis to the Virgina to hard or maybe to fast it may hurt them but it does not effect to some females

Can you paint your penis?

No it would hurt I got soap on my Penis and it hurt

Why when making love does it hurt when he is in you deep?

His penis is probably too big and he is pushing too hard.

What happens if you cut some of the hair of your penis?

Nothing. Pubic hair doesn't help or hurt you

Why does your penis hurt when erected?

ur penis should not hurt when erected unledd you have a medical problem

Why erections sometimes hurt?

Sometimes a lot of blood is rushing really hard through your penis so it hurts.

What happens when you have a erection all day?

The end of your penis (bellend) will fly off and blood will be flying everywhere (this will hurt!)

What happens to the solar plexus when its punched?

It will hurt really bad if you punch it hard.

Why does the head of your penis hurt?

It has been bitten by the head of my penis

Does your penis hurt when puberty?


What happens to muscles when hurt or damaged?

the muscle is damaged and makes it hard to move around.

When you do splits does your penis hurt?

yes it does

What happens if you wear shoes that are too small?

you get blisters and they hurt trust me i learned the hard way

If a guy has a big penis can he hurt you?

only if you have a small vagina A penis of any average size or larger can hurt you if the operator is not paying attention.

Does having a big penis hurt the girl?

Yes it can hurt her if put it in to far

Does it hurt to put a penis into a girls private?

No. There is nothing inside a vagina that can hurt him.

Did Michael Jackson have hurt his penis?

Living life as a man, he has a penis so there lies a strong possibility that while growing up or at anytime at all heve experienced pain in his penis, or hurt it.

Can a man still have kids after being hit in his penis in childhood?

well the male body is very different if you get hit in the pubic area it will probably hurt for a short time . maybe if you get hit hard enough you might be able to not have kids if being hit in the penis area repeatively so be careful young men .

Is it normal for your penis and testicles hurt after sneezing?


Can you pop a zit on your penis?

yes, but it will hurt.

Does it hurt to have a big penis?

no, my 8 in tall.

When you have a uncutt penis does it hurt to get cut?